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Fueling E-commerce: FedEx Super Hub’s Physical Structure Powers Virtual Business

August 1, 2016

FedEx Express Super Hub

Spanning over 850 acres and with more than 10,000 team members, its own police and fire departments and approximately 80 miles of conveyer belts, the FedEx Express Super Hub in Memphis, Tennessee, is bigger than some cities. To sort and load in excess of a million packages on an average night, access 220 countries and territories around the world, and help link more than 99 percent of the world’s GDP, you need that kind of space—especially in a world that now depends on e-commerce.

The growth of online shopping is driven by a virtual system where millions of products are at your fingertips. But what happens once you click the button on your computer? Products don’t  magically appear, and your online store can’t possibly move that kind of volume on its own. That’s when FedEx steps in. Your purchase moves through a massive, integrated network to transport, sort and deliver products to your doorstep. Without the physical network, the e-commerce lifecycle cannot be completed.

Here, you can take a behind-the-scenes look inside the FedEx Express Super hub, the largest in the FedEx global hub network, and see for yourself why an online purchase is just the beginning—the physical transportation network is crucial to completing the transaction.

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The FedEx Hub on a Man Made Island


    B McCleary says:

    For the 37 years I’ve been an employee every day and night has been an absolute wonderful and amazing journey. Every day and night are always exciting. It’s organized chaos!

    Chris says:

    You can say that again man. I started in Memphis on an outbound flight, went to California as all kinds of courier, now drive a truck to the little Oakland hub. Loved it all.

    Nelda Kersey says:

    And to think I worked and retired from this “out of this world” great company! Once a Fedexer, always a Fedexer

    June Collier says:

    I witnessed the Memphis sort several years ago when my sister was an employee. An amazing sight and a great memory! Now we have this video for everyone to experience the sort. Go FedEx! The top of efficiency!

    Erik and Karen Catob says:

    The video was very impresive. It must make one very proud to be employed by such an organization. I am proud of my friend Connie Thoele.

    Anonymous says:

    wow wonderful company I think its the best

    Nick Canterucci says:

    UPS might have invented the sort system, FEDEX took it to an whole new level..while both DHL & UPS, look on in wild eyed amazement

    John Drabecki says:

    Great video.

    John Drabecki
    Sales Executive
    FedEx Services
    South Bend, IN

    Dawg says:

    Until you have worked it, you can try and explain it. Having served two tours of duty, my hats off to the teamwork and magic you produce nightly. Truly a unique place.

    Donna Medford says:

    I am an employee at FedEx Ground and I am always in awe of our matchless greatness. Great organization to work for, I love the Brand.



    Manuel Frias says:

    As said, a sense of pride.
    16 years in the company and everyday is a different one, challenging, excited. too proud to work for such a great company, FedEx.

    dytonia holloway says:


    Carrie James says:

    Awesome and busy. I spoke to someone first hand that had the chance to actually visit the Hub. Amazing!

    Pedro Chaves says:

    This Amazing Company

    Maegan says:

    I loved working at the hub even as a part time employee. I transferred OpCos and I miss my Hub family

    Abdullah Hussain says:

    Truly an amazing video. I am so thrilled to be associated with such a magnificent company. Go FedEx Go.

    Nazir Sahim says:

    I am proud to work for this company. Go FedEx !!!

    Loretta Davis says:

    This is one of best companies that I’ve worked for and enjoy my job everyday.I have been with FEDEX for 31 years and feel confidant to retire here at FEDEX.

    ramakrishna says:

    I proud my self for working in FEDEX

    RAMESH.G says:

    I proud of working in this company


    This video was very impressive,
    I am very proud to working in FEDEX

    Rene Serrano says:

    wow , it’s amazing, i’m new here but i so proud to be part of this team ,
    hello from Mexico

    Billy Foust says:

    The 1974 MEM Sort Operations was a 3 way manual sort with approx. 60 employees using only 1/3 of the original HUB facility. Just 1 Document checker with approx. 11,000 total packages.
    The expansion since then has been awesome!

    Prejish Nair says:

    FedEx is an amazing company and I am truly proud of working for FedEx. The FedEx purple spirit, its people and the technology truly makes it wonderful brand. We can proudly say “We are here for what we are”

    GWEN WAITES says:


    Greg Smith says:

    Jet fuel and conveyor belts smell like money to me. GO Team GO!

    Lelia A Skinner says:

    Makes me proud and fills me up! Go Purple!


    Great asset to behold as a company in the global market.Making a massive statement in the courier service industry.Unbeatable!!!

    Brandon Miller says:

    Truly amazing Look forward for an opportunity to visit sometime.

    Bihola Prakashsinh says:

    The video was very impresive. It must make one very proud to be employed by such an organization. I am proud of my friend Connie Thoele.

    Victor Morales says:

    Certainly my company FedEx is the best company, I hope someday to know the Super Hub in Memphis, it’s amazing!

    Sandra Weber says:

    OMG! For those of us that have never seen or may never see OUR HUB… Thank u so very much 🙂 What a GREAT VIDEO.

    Tony Harvill says:

    Aug 5 2016 was my 25th anniversary at FedEx Express and this company never has ceased to amaze me. The way we all attack an issue and solve it whether it is an internal process or for a customer the can do attitude is ever present. It makes me very proud when a stranger says where do you work, I’m sure they can detect a little gleam in my eye when I say FedEx Express Memphis TN.

    Patricia Nuncio says:

    It never ceases to amaze me. A great company to work for with great benefits. Been with them for 18+ years.

    Timerjin C. O'Neal says:


    Nasser says:

    I proud of working in this company

    Marwan Abdelrahim says:

    it is GREAT company, it is great and very proud to be part of it

    June D Hafner says:

    Next Thursday I will celebrate my 30th anniversary with Fedex Express. I was lucky enough to get to Jump Seat and during that time we were allowed to watch the sort at the Hub. It is an amazing experience.

    Bill Mclaurin says:

    Worked for FedEx for 25 years been to Memphis many times still amazing to see it all work like it does

    Michele Hodges says:

    32yrs at FedEx and still going strong. Has definitely afforded me with a blessed life.

    Ed Conley says:

    WOW, been there and have seen it in action 2x, never gets old! I am a Strategic AE and videos like this really pump me up! We are all so fortunate to work for such an incredible company.

    Alexander Ferreras says:

    Im happy to be one of employees of this great company, God bless FEDEX

    Anthony Loiacono says:

    Started to work for FedEx when I was 57 yrs old,carried a little book to look up zip codes and code each and every item I p/u. The year was 1984. Each van had a Dads unit to track of each pc. When I think back, it was like the Stone Age compared to now. Great company.
    I’m retired but still miss lt every day!

    Azly Mohd says:

    everyday has been a new challenge for me since 2001 ..
    passion in my daily work and
    customer satisfaction is my upmost priority

    Rafay says:

    Proud to be part of Fedex GSP in Saudi Arabia.

    Jonathan Gervin Savice says:

    FedEx is tremendous, huge, massive, enormous, gigantic all in all FedEx is TERRIFIC. I wish to work with your Entity how do I get started?

    Shawn Weisbacker FedEx Freight, Yakima, Wa. says:

    I have worked for other freight companies before and none of them have the pride and sense of getting the job done more than FedEx, i am very proud to be a part of this great company, Keeping the Purple Promise!!

    Melissa Rosenblum says:

    As a 30 year employee I’ve seen firsthand the amazing changes over the years in the hub. It’s unbelievable how much we’ve grown and continue to grow. I have purple blood

    Fernando Iberê Dias says:

    FedEx was my third job in my life and now I’m in this company for 30 years and have never seen a company like this , it makes me proud all the time, a company that respects people , recognize good work and every day in my ramp, VCP-Brazil is a challenge that we overcame always united to make the experience of our customers be OUTSTANDING, We deliver the purple Promise every day. Thanks FedEx .

    Larry Ratliff says:

    After 18+ years working at our hub I can truly say we are a great company. What FedEx has done for me and my family is beyond words. I’m now retired but still miss working peak season. Proud to say, I worked for a GREAT company. Keep up the good work.

    Wayne R. Arguin Sr. says:

    I remember when two men came to our Crash station and wanted to pick our thoughts regarding flight line operations,fire prevention and the use of new symbols. It was Fred and can’t remember the other mans name. We found out later they were the founders of FEd X. Great company. Wayne

    Birojit mondal says:

    Great place to work at FedEx

    Johnny Santos says:

    It will be a great honor to see the MEM Hub in person. I mean, seeing the video alone gives me the chill but I don’t know what to feel when I see it in person. Proud to be part of FedEx.

    Shiela Mae Recabo says:

    Delivering our Purple promise, to make every FedEx experience outstanding, is what defines me as a Customer service representative and it has been a great honor to share my compassion with the company that has done a lot to change and touch other peoples lives. I am as proud as anyone can be, to be a part of this great company.

    Mark Angelo Mirasol says:

    The Memphis hub is so amazing. The sorting process is so incredible. Being part of this company making me so proud! Let’s keep the Purple Promise together!

    heeralal chillal says:

    I read as below mentioned the topic on FedEx

    It is AMAZING & Great place to Work

    Fueling E-commerce: FedEx Super Hub

    Thank you

    John Miller says:

    that is by far one of the most amazing corporate videos I have ever seen. I may have to put seeing this place in person on my bucket list 🙂 lol

    Dennis Atkinson says:

    As a FedEx customer, watching this video just confirms that we made the right choice to use FedEx as our only carrier 8 years ago. To all of you who are a part of this, THANK YOU for doing a fantastic job!

    Joe Pinares says:

    YES, you should John. It’s jaw dropping. I dont know if they still offer the airport tower tour but if they do you must take that one as well.

    Eric Symons says:

    This is American ingenuity at work. I am amazed by the speed of carriers like FedEx, UPS and Amazon. But this mega center is very impressive. Like the gentleman in the video said, this isn’t magic when your package arrives at your door literally a day or two after ordering. Glad they are employing so many hard workers.

    Flordelyn Tobias says:

    Thumbs up!

    Ajeezul Rahman says:

    The video was very impressive . FedEx is an amazing company and I am truly proud of working for FedEx.

    DILIP SONI says:

    The video was very impressive . FedEx is an amazing company and I am truly proud of working for FedEx.

    Lisa Makinen says:

    My head turns every time I see a FedEx plane in the sky or truck on the road! The sense of pride is never ending. I have been a proud employee of FedEx Express Canada for over 27 years now. Thank you FedEx for this amazing opportunity! And yes, if you haven’t been to the MEM Hub? Get there! It’s beyond description!

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