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Giving back to the military on President’s Day

February 21, 2011

Today, in commemoration of President’s Day, FedEx team members are volunteering at USO for a United Way Day of Caring in Washington, D.C. FedEx team members are helping to assemble the care packages for service members deployed overseas. The care packages include items like combs, toothpaste, phone cards and crossword puzzles.

FedEx Express PM Ops Manager, Claudia Scott is one of the 35 team members who are taking the time to volunteer. An 18 year FedEx employee and a military wife for 31 years, today is a special day for Claudia. She is here in honor of her son and husband. Claudia’s son is a Marine serving in Afghanistan and her husband who is also a FedEx employee is an Army Reservist on Active Duty. One of packages Claudia is assembling could reach her son. Claudia said, “She is here because of her family and the thousands of other young men and women who are giving up their American dream to support ours.”

For the past six years, FedEx has provided the shipment of USO care packages worldwide to our deployed troops as a charitable donation. FedEx completed a one million dollar pledge in 2010 for the USO. Military families in a USO key market also receive delivery of a special family pack. FedEx also supports the annual Trees for Troops program, Project Compassion portraits for families of fallen soldiers, Marine Comfort Quilt program, the Wounded Warrior annual fishing trip in Alaska and Veterans Expeditions.


    Ed Patterson says:

    It was a blast…we had fun and helped to show our service men and women some LOVE!!!

    God Bless them all…


    cynthia wilson says:

    I felt so honored to work for a company that provided an opportunity to serve. I felt so proud and blessed to be apart of this project for our soliders. What no one knew is that I said a quick pray over every packet I touched. I left feeling so blessed!!!!Thank you so much this opportunity.

    Pat lewis says:

    We should do more of these events for these true American Heros. I know our great corporation goes above and beyond for them, but, we as individual employees can do so much more for them and their families. This made me even prouder of the spirit of the FedEx family.

    Janice Person says:

    I was honored to assist with the USO care packages. It was a way to give back to the soldiers fighting for our country!

    Aurelia says:

    What a great feeling, helping our military! It was very nice to finally have an opportunity to serve those who serve our country and protect us. Volunteering at this event lifted my spirits! Thank you FedEx for the opportunity to serve!! 🙂

    Brian Hughes says:

    Yesterday was Presidents Day and many FedEx Team members from the DC area participated in a Day of Caring at Ft.Belvoir.
    It was great to see all the fabulous things the USO does for the troops who are deployed around the globe.
    Thanks to everyone for coming out yesterday and volunteering!It was a special event and I hope to see everyone at our next community event!

    Pat Miller says:

    I have two friends in Afganistan. Assisting with the care packages made me feel especially connected to them and all of the service members serving our country. It was a great day.

    Zulma fortiz says:

    It was a privilege and honored to assist in yesterday event at Ft. Belvoir. I always wanted to volunteer for our American Soldier Heroes.”Thanks to our American heroes,whose devotion is second to none,
    Whose courage and braveness alone
    caused many battles to be won.”
    Thank you again.

    By Zulma(Iliana) Fortiz

    Claudia Scott says:

    What fun!!!! I had a great time helping put together the care packages. My son called from Afghanistan last night and I told him what we all did yesterday. He said that was awesome and that those care packages represent home for him and the other military men and women there. He send his sincere thanks and wants me to tell all of you to rest well, he has our backs. SEMPER FI! Claudia

    Anita Brower says:

    It was a wonderful feeling knowing I was able to volunteer and bring joy into someone else’s life. After hearing the thank you letter from a soldier who had received a care package, it confirmed that what we were doing was well worth it. Thanks to FedEx for giving us the opportunity to serve our community, especially those who are serving our country.

    Dawn Dogans-Baylor says:

    This was such an excellent and humbling event to be part of. Each packet represented our thanks to military men and women, and how much we as citizens of the United States appreciate the scarifies they make for all of us everyday.

    Chris says:

    Fantastic support for our services from team members that support their efforts.

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