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Giving to the Community Two Wheels at a Time

December 31, 2008

The Holidays are always a special time of year to spend with family and loved ones.  A few years ago I asked my sister, Michelle Miller who serves as director of recruitment and community involvement for AGAPE Child & Family Services, Inc., if there was anything I could do or purchase for the kids her organizations supports during the Holiday season.  She mentioned there was a little boy who wanted a bicycle and fortunately I was able to purchase it for him.  Feeling happy I could make a difference to this boy, I causally mentioned this to my director, Frank LeRose, and he agreed to donate a bicycle also.

The next year I wanted to purchase another bicycle for an AGAPE child and my sister informed me they were encouraging the children not to request bicycles that year (due to funding issues).  I asked for a list of children who wanted bicycles and started to do a little investigating.  During one of our staff meetings, current managing director, Doug Jones, mentioned he wanted to do something different that year for Christmas (instead exchanging gifts).  I mentioned AGAPE and the management team overwhelming agreed to support this endeavor.  In 2006, members of the FedEx Express Global Network Planning Group (GNP) management team decided to be a part of spreading holiday joy in their own small way by purchasing bicycles for some of the children of AGAPE. 

In December 2007, we decided to continue this initiative by making it an entire GNP department effort and included the rest of our staff.  The management team suggested that instead of each work group taking their manager out to lunch or exchanging gifts within work groups for the Holidays, to consider donating funds to purchase bicycles for AGAPE instead.  Each work group overwhelming agreed.  We expanded upon the previous year’s gift giving effort by purchasing bicycles/tricycles for 10 children. 

This year, again thanks to the generous donations of the GNP department, we were able to purchase 13 bicycles!

The FedEx Corporation does a lot for the community during this time, but I wanted to showcase how FedEx team members still feel the need to support the community.  I’m interested to hear if your group has done anything similar.


    Michelle Miller says:

    On behalf of the children and families of AGAPE I deeply thank all of you with the GNP department for your generosity this year. We are still waiting for pictures, but I have been told that some kids were so excited Christmas morning because of your kindness…I will send pictures and stories as we get those.

    Also, I am very thankful for and proud of my “twin brother” Michael Miller 🙂 for having the heart to develop this effort each year.

    Thanks to all of you and we wish you a very blessed 2009!

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