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March 30, 2011

Calling all aviation enthusiasts and air show fans! In 2011 the FedEx Air show team will participate in about 50 air shows and 12 plane pulls for charity around the world. FedEx team members will volunteer their time to position jet airplanes at the air shows for touring and at plane pulls for giant tug-a-war competitions for charity. Share the FedEx Air Show Schedule (at the bottom of this page) with your friends, family, coworkers and other aviation fans!

As the world’s largest express transportation company, FedEx team members are proud to see the company join the excitement and entertainment air shows bring to their communities.  For more than 30 years, many team members have aided in the positioning of our aircraft on the tarmac for people to walk around, step aboard and ask questions. You can actually sit in the cockpit and act like you are taking off. Many of us have a deep fascination with aviation and love being a part of a family-friendly event.

A Plane Pull pits teams of people in a giant, tug-of-war challenge with a FedEx jet aircraft. Tugging on a huge rope, a team’s goal is to move a 147,000+ pound aircraft 12 feet faster than other teams can. It takes both maximum individual effort and teamwork to get the job done; just like in our daily operations! FedEx has been organizing plane pulls for the last 18 years. Each year plane pulls raise about $500,000 for local charities. Plane Pulls are a fun team competition to support the communities we serve.

Kicking off the season, I am at Sun’n Fun International Fly-in and Expo, Lakeland, FL, one of the largest air shows in the country. Being my first air show, I am wide-eyed and awed by the earth-shaking roar of the aerial-acrobatic teams practicing. There is an array of aircrafts and exhibits to see, from personally made aircraft to those that are engineered by the best in the business.  Some look like boats, some look like rockets, but all of them are amazing. The activities and displays are for all ages. It’s really awesome!

Long-time member of the FedEx Air Show team, Tina Rodgers is here manning the FedEx ship site, along with agents who work locally. Folks are shipping parts and collectibles back home. Today is the parts exchange day so we are getting a lot of interesting shipments. Tina said she “…likes meeting people from different countries who all share a love of aviation and everything it entails.”  She also enjoys creating containers to ship these odd shaped and unique items back to all the countries represented at the show.

I’ve found that it doesn’t matter the age or gender, fans start talking faster and their pitch becomes a lot higher, showing tons of excitement when they tell you about their air show experiences. Most can’t get enough of it! I hope to see you at one of air shows FedEx is participating in around the world.

2011 FedEx Air Show Schedule:

3/26 – 3/27

Florida International Airshow

Punta Gorda, FL


Riverside Airshow

Riverside, CA

3/28 – 4/3

Sun N Fun Fly In

Lakeland, FL

4/2 – 4/3

Puerto Rico Airshow

Ceiba, Puerto Rico


ARC of Atlanta

Atlanta, GA


Charleston Air Expo

Charleston AFB, SC

4/16 – 4/17

Wings Over Wayne

Seymour Johnson AFB, NC


Ronald McDonald House Plane Pull

Augusta, GA

4/30 – 5/1

Alaska State Aviation Trade Show and Conference

Anchorage, AK


Children’s Day at Guadalajara

Guadalajara, Mexico


Energize Houston Airport Festival

Houston, TX

5/7 – 5/8

Great Tennessee Airshow

Smyrna, TN

5/14 – 5/15

The Indianapolis Airshow

MT. Comfort, IN

5/28 – 5/29

2011 Millville Airshow

Millville, NJ


JA Plane Pull

Millington, TN

6/11 – 6/12

Portland Jetport Aviation Expo 2011

Portland, ME


National MS Society, ME Chapter

Portland. ME


ORBIS Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

7/25 – 7/31

EAA Air Venture 2011

Oshkosh, WI


Special Olympics Indiana Plane Pull

Indianapolis, IN

8/13 – 8/14

Fargo Airshow

Fargo, ND


Special Olympics Louisiana

Lafayette, LA


Special Olympics Southern CA Plane Pull

Long Beach, CA

9/10 – 9/11

California Capital Airshow

Rancho Cordova, CA

9/17 – 9/18

Memphis Airshow

Millington, TN


Special Olympics VA Plane Pull

Chantilly, VA


National MS Society, RI Chapter

Warwick, RI


Special Kids and Families Plane Pull

Millington, TN


Arc Baton Rouge Plane Pull

Baton Rouge, LA




    Michael Sallee says:

    Speaking from past experience from both going to and volunteering for the Indianapolis area Air Show, this a great event! I am looking forward to being there this year as well.

    Robin Rushton says:

    Thanks Fedex for sponsoring the Air Show for many years. My family and I were fortunate enough to be invited last year. The view, show, food and customer service were all awesome! But more importantly, it helped to remind me what our county is all about and how fortunate I really am…

    Kevin E Lollar says:

    Hi my name is Kevin Lollar and I am a FedEx Manager and I am also a team lead for the Indianapolis Airshow. I have been doing this for over 13 years and love it. Our show has the Blue Angels this year and we are less than a month away from fun in the sun. I enjoy seeing the kids that come out to our show. Riley Childrens hopital benefits from this show and they bring kids out to see it. We always donate some trinkets to make the kids smile and have a great day. We have over 50 volunteers every year and FedEx has a huge presence in Indy and we show off at the show. Our FedEx semi is the center marker for the show every year and everyone sees it! We also help The USS Indianapolis Survivors come to the show every year and they are an awesome bunch. Come out and see me at the show May 14th & 15th.

    Jerry Ogle says:

    Once a year one of my favorite things to do is to volunteer out at the Mt Comfort Airshow. FedEx has always had a great presence there and the employees and their families that volunteer their time make it a special event. It’s a great way to pay respect to our men & women in uniform who have or are serving in our armed forces! So if you want to volunteer or just go see a great air show please join us in Indianapolis on May 14th-15th!

    Dan Lewis says:

    There is an excitement in the air as you approach an air show. You can feel the buzz in the air.
    I am a FedEx commercial customer – and therefore aware of their role in Air show sponsorship.
    They have always pulled out all the stops to deliver the crème de la crème; The Best there is. You feel it. You know it’s going to be exciting.

    FedEx has been a key player in bringing the world famous Thunderbirds and Blue Angels in their multi-million dollar machines right to our hometown.
    These highly trained pilots are amazing. They perform at close range with technical difficulty, pin-point precision and did I mention this is at 700 miles per hour?
    It’s a warm fuzzy feeling to know these are our guys.
    Loud, fast and deadly; makes you fell dam sorry for the enemy.

    Mix this with 2 days non-stop action & entertainment by The Wildest Wackiest stunt flyers ; daredevils – flying million dollar machines – Parachuting – what a flying circus!
    The announcer sets the tone calling out stunt after stunt – his voice leading excitement. The diversity is immense. From Biplanes to P51 Mustangs to F-22 Raptors; The FedEx Air show is a virtual Thrillfest of man and machine.
    The US Military presence if heartfelt here. How often do you get to see amazing military flight maneuvers up close and in your face?
    The kids always love to tour the Military planes and choppers on the tarmac. –The soldier’s manning their planes on display show such big pride in what they are doing.
    It is so apparent even a 5 year old goes away feeling the love, amazed and overwhelmed in a good way.
    This year is going to be great. May is the best month for the air show in Indy.
    Ya-Hoo! Ill be lookin’ up. Dan Lewis

    Phyllis Williams says:

    PGD and LAL

    I attended Punta Gorda last weekend where Kathy Mosteller,Vicky Bowman and local volunteers presented FedEx hospitality to customers in a pristine manner, as always. The compliments are already pouring in.

    Then I went to Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland where Tina Rodgers,Steve Strickland and volunteers from the local station were enthusiastically assisting customers at the FedEx ship site. On Thursday, they narrowly escaped injury from the line of storms moving through the area. The ship site did not fare so well. They will start early Friday to assess the damage to equipment and will rebound, thanks to LAL local station management.

    Great way to keep the Purple Promise at both events.

    Rich Siciliano says:

    Folks in the Houston area should check out the Energize Houston Airport Festival Saturday April 30th. This is a static display (no flying) on the Bush Intercontinental Airport property. Lots of family activities. FedEx will have an Airbus A300 and Cessna 208 on display along with other civilian and commercial aircraft, airport equipment, and various vendor displays. Admission is $10 adult $5 child in advance which includes parking, admission and lunch. This is a great way for FedEx employees, FedEx customers and aviation enthusiasts to see how packages fly at night. Tickers and info at

    Candice Hill says:

    Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to attend and/or volunteer at air shows and plane pulls across the United States.

    I really enjoy supporting these events. I enjoy seeing all the aerial events and having the opportunity to meet our customer’s.

    This year I will be attending the Memphis air show for the first time. I am really looking forward to the weekend.

    Brett Dettmann says:

    Hosting and participating in an airshow is a very rewarding experience. It is a lot of work and takes a lot of plannning. The payoff is very rewarding! Being able to show everyone our aircraft and how we load cargo into ULD’s really blows the general public away! The FedEx Aircraft has been the highlight of the airshows with the highest number of people touring our aircraft in every airshow I have been a part of. The kids absolutely love it!

    Aimee Mahan says:

    I love working the airshow every year when it comes to Indy. 7 years and counting!!!

    Mary Harvey Gurley says:

    The FedEx Air Show team always puts on a great show. This is an excellent opportunity to see some of the world’s most talented aviators, view aircraft up close and personal and support your communities. Looking forward to another great year.

    Steve Hornstra says:

    Over the years I have been fortunate to have participated in numerous airshows at fantastic locations throughout California. When organizing airshow volunteers, we seek out participation from various operating compainies to ensure a broad base of fedex knowledge. This diversity of company participation enables fantastic networking and solidifies cross-opco relationships resulting in improved customer serivice. The airshows and plane pulls are terrific assets to the FedEx Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio. I am proud to work for such an amazing company.

    Brian Skon says:

    I appreciate that FedEx makes involvement in airshows such a priority. It’s a great event to host customers, but airshows are more than that. Look around at who attends airshows, and the best attended airshows. Military aircraft, both active duty and warbirds are what the audience wants to see, out of respect for those that have sacrificed much. Our company sends a huge message by willing to be part of these events – that honoring our military aviation is important, extremely important.

    I have volunteered and hosted customers on multiple occassions, and will continue to do so. See you in Fargo!

    Lydia Haralson says:

    I have had a great time preparing and participating in the Wichita Airshows on our Air Force Military base since 2002. Each time the show has been a great success because of our volunteers from all the local OPCOs that so willingly give of their resources and time in making each show a success for not only FedEx but our small community. We prepare a special banner that honors all who serve to protect our freedoms, we have the public sign wishing our service men and women with special thank yous and well wishes for those we honor, so they can read and know their sacrifices are recognized. From thousands of signatures and comments obtained, the most cherished messages come from the wives and children of those who serve hoping their comments might be read by their loved ones from just a simple ” I love you Daddy” to the well wishes from parents and fellow service men and women. Let’s keep rolling FedEx it is great to work for this company that cares so much.

    Wayne Yankovich says:

    INDy Air Show Team, with Kevin, Jeannie,
    Dan, George, Lucinda, et al…It is a pleasure to work with all of you every year. I havn’t missed an Air Show in 18 years. It is great for Fedex workers to get together for a few days each year. We show all the visitors at these different Air Shows how FEDEX works in a volunteer compacity. I am now in the Charter Department and telling our people and visitors what I do is an experience in itself. I look forward to it each year. I am a proud FEDEX emeployee.

    Kay Potter says:

    The Mt. Comfort Air Show in Indianapolis, IN is the absolute best I’ve ever been had the honor of volunteering for. The atmosphere at the Air Show is just spectacular. It’s a pleasure to spend my time with such a great group of people. It makes me proud to be associated with and work for such a great organization.

    Le Roy York says:

    The INDY air show is the one weekend that is blocked on my schedule early each year. The event is right up there with my birthday and the 4th of July. The show is well organized each year, even when we had 4 inches of rain on Saturday. I enjoy making new friends, renewing old ones and just meeting the public. The INDY show is one of the best I have ever attended and I have been at several. See you all soon.

    Cindy Kippley says:

    As the Strategic Market Manager for Wisconsin, I had the pleasure of working with Kathy and Tina of the FedEx Airshow Team at several events. At the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, we provided convenient Ground and Express outbound shipping service for our customers via a shipsite tent. Great teamwork by the local opco’s. I even got to ride in a B-17!
    In Janesville, FedEx provided an aircraft for the Southern Wisconsin Airfest plane pull for charity.

    Jay Williams says:

    Over the last few years it’s been a thrill to see FedEx involved at the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, WI. More than half a million people attend and over ten thousand aircraft fly in for what becomes the busiest airport in the world. I look forward to another successful year for the FedEx shipsite.

    James Bowman says:

    I have enjoyed working the Indianapolis FedEx Air Show the last three years..I look forward to working again this year…it is a great opportunity to serve the company and enjoy the fellowship with other employees and the community…

    Robert McAndrew says:

    I’ve been supporting FedEx Feeder participation in Airshows mostly in California and Alaska for almost 15 years, but last year was my first time volunteering in a show. I had a great time working with the FedEx Airshow team, Global communications, our various Operating Companies and the California Capital Airshow (MHR) committee. It was exciting to show the public our enthusiasm for what we do as most of our customers that stopped by also shared that enthusiasm. I’ve learned so much about community involvement from working with the Airshow coordinators. And I am very excited about this year (Sept 10-11) as every year gets bigger and better. Airshows are a great way to showcase our company.

    2011 CCA SITE

    Jennifer says:

    We have such a great time at Mt.Comfort and it so wonderful to be part of the Riley fundraising event. Looking forward to it again this year.

    Carrolyn Denzer says:

    I’ve worked the PGD Air Show the past 4 years and the MacDill AFB Air Show in 2007 and I can’t wait for the 2012 show!! Our customers absolutely love it and appreciate how family oriented FedEx makes the event. These events make it possible to interact with our customers on a more personal level and allow the customers to see the lighter side of FedEx. As an admin I don’t get to meet the customers very often and when I do it’s only on the phone, this is a real treat for me to get to see the people that my reps talk to on a weekly basis and show off my FedEx pride! I can’t wait to see the ladies of the Air Show Team next year!!!

    Darcy Kulesha says:

    I have been attending the Oshgosh AirVenture Airshow for 13 years+ and enjoy it all the more when Fedex is sponosoring aircraft, either as staic displays for Tours (DC10 Orbis/Airbus 320) or AT6’s as an aerobatic team. It would be great to see the B777F on diplay for touring this year.
    What a great way to advertise our better service and environmental lower impact??
    Looking forward to seeing the team at this years show!

    Christopher Busker says:

    I have had the tremendous opurtunity to be one of the leads of the Rockford Airshow with my partner John Garrity 5 times now and have done 4 chicago Airshows with the Memphis team. Setting up Chalets, getting volunteers from different OP/Co’s and divisions, and seeing the dedication of all people wearing the FedEx logo no matter the color. It is things such as this that seperate us from the rest and make this such a great company. I am truly proud to work for FedEx.

    Robert McAndrew says:

    On Sunday August 7th an in connection with the 2011 California Capital Airshow on September 10th and 11th in Sacramento, CA (MHR) the Airshow Producers will be hosting a “Positive Altitude” event to showcase to the youth in the Sacramento region the opportunities available to them in Aviation. Between 1200-1500 hrs Lunch will be served at the Sacramento jet Center where many aviation community partners will be on hand (including FedEx) to share stories, knowledge and fun! Then from 1600-1800 the group of more then 100 young people will move to the Aerospace Museum of California for a tour.

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