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Growing up Purple

January 13, 2009

I’ve been with FedEx for nearly 30 years — I guess you could say that I grew up “Purple”.  During my time at FedEx, I have held several managerial positions — and along with them a lot of leaderhip training.

What have I learned from these years of experience and training?  The FedEx culture and way of life can — and should — benefit others outside of FedEx.

So in living the Purple Promise and supporting FedEx Cares for years, I decided to get more involved in my local community.  I started where I believe the future is, our children. Herbert Hoover said, “Children are our most valuable natural resource”.  Getting involved in local public education from grades k-12 has allowed me to take the FedEx culture and our “People first philosophy” and apply it to help improve our schools.

Today I am a Trustee on the Board of Education, and have a larger role in the public education provided in my community. The training and leadership skills I’ve developed through the years have brought a fresh new approach to many issues in education. From the Business side to Strategic Planning and more importantly to “dealing with People”, it’s clear the FedEx culture has made a positive impact.

I’m proud to have worked for FedEx for all these years and now to be able to share this with our “most valuable natural resource — our Children” and help them see the benefits of “Growing up Pruple”.


    maria wheeler says:

    The FedEx Culture is wonderful and I am glad that you are passing this along to others. I am in Sales in Dallas Texas and I can truly say that many of my customers always make so many positive comments about FedEx. OHaving a postitive outlook everyday and showing that to our customers is important. Many people today work for companies that are going under, financial un stable and the work environment is full of stress and the threat of losing your your job. I have worked for another carrier and will tell everyone that now I truly do work for the best Corporation in the world. I am glad that you are sharing the “Purple Promise” with your school board. The leadership qualities and positive work environment are what we need everywhere. Children are our future and you are blessed to be able to work with them. Thank you for sharing your story.

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