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Happy New Year Boston!

January 6, 2009

A heavy snowstorm and bitter cold did not deter thousands of revelers from celebrating the New Year at First Night Boston, a city-wide celebration of community, diversity and the arts in downtown Boston. The celebration is the oldest First Night program in the country and a beloved Boston tradition. It featured over 1,000 artists, 200 exhibitions, the FedEx Family Festival, a Mardi Gras style Grand Procession and fireworks on Boston Common.

The FedEx Family Festival at the Hynes Convention Center kicked off First Night’s day-long program. Kids of all ages enjoyed music, dance, face painting, puppet shows, interactive science and art activities, acrobats and a professional stunt team.

The heart of First Night is the Mardi Gras style Grand Procession led by Boston Mayor Tom Menino down Boylston Street in the early evening. Bob McKinley, Managing Director for FedEx Express, joined Mayor Menino at the front of the procession, which featured over 800 artists and community groups from all over Boston, as well as the FedEx Special Delivery truck. Almost 70 FedEx team members and their families braved the elements to walk with the FSD truck and toss out Mardi Gras beads and well wishes to the throngs of people lining the parade route.

Regardless of the snow and cold, we all had a great time at First Night and the kids will talk about it for months to come. Happy New Year!


    greta says:

    I volunteered for this event and I would do it again next year. I can’t believe how may happy faces there were in the crowds to receive these beads. I think it made people think they were at the Madi Gras. It was fun even though it was cold and snowy.
    I wish we had captured the crowds smiling faces in the video. That really showed the significance of our being a part of First Night Boston.

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