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Heroes On and Off the Job

December 11, 2008

During the holiday season I often hear stories about outstanding efforts our employees make on behalf of customers. When recognized for their effort, most say “I was just doing my job.” That reaction is understandable because a commitment to going above and beyond for our customers is simply what we do. What is not required or expected, but evident every day, are the numerous ways employees reach out to help one another as well as strangers.

For example, Troy Holton, with FedEx Freight in Harrison, Ark., didn’t hesitate when a coworker’s four-year-old child was pulled, motionless, from the bottom of a community pool. Troy took charge by immediately administering CPR and his quick action was credited with the child’s full recovery.

Some stories, like Troy’s, are reported by fellow employees and result in the employee being recognized with the company’s Humanitarian Award. But just as many, if not more, probably never get “reported.” I would like to share some of the Humanitarian Award winners’ stories over the coming weeks, but I also  encourage other employees to share their coworkers good deeds, heroic and otherwise.



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