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How The Holidays Arrive via FedEx

November 24, 2015

Check out these fun facts about how we are prepping for the holiday season and how we help Santa.

[Click the image to download a high-resolution png, or click here for this infographic as a pdf file]


    F.Drew Hall says:

    We need a vibrant campaign of TV spots this time of year.Our competition are striving to ‘play’ on the emotional and inspirational aspects of the season.Please allow me to propose some suggestions !!! Each one creating lasting impressions for the prospective customers we are serving.We should capitalize on the most successful time of the year in this dynamic.My degree was in marketing,and I would LOVE to work with a brilliant team of my coworkers developing this.

    surinder Bahara says:

    Awesome way to express!!! bravo!!

    Deb says:

    Each package that we handle is a potential smile on the face of a valued customer!

    Janas Jackson says:

    As a FedEx team member, I’m proud that our company delivers big smiles, happy hearts and caring thoughts around the globe. It’s the “Power in the Package” that makes the difference!

    sanjiven pamben says:


    Shaun Jones says:

    Santa doesn’t stand a chance against us; I mean ONE sleigh vs our fleet is not really a fair fight. Glad we can assist though.

    Dallas says:

    Haha nice I help with that. I’m so sore from peak season. But it’s nice to know that people are going to have a nice holiday cause of use. From someone that works at FedEx ((043)(Tol)

    Skyler Vearrier says:

    We deliver more than packages.. We deliver happiness.

    Min says:

    Santa has magic.

    gloria hall says:


    Scott McGregor says:

    FedEx is the best! Merry Christmas to all …

    gloria balerio says:

    I wish my FedEx family a very safe and merry Xmas, My the New Year bring many blessing to you and your family.

    Terri Wilborn says:

    Merry Christmas to my FedEx Family. We deliver packages with love

    f.castro says:

    WE need deliver packages on time and pickup smiles.merry xmas to fedex family

    Kathryn Harrison says:

    You could play on the fact that Santa only has his sleigh and FedEx has 600+ planes and 100,000 trucks. Have Santa seem overwhelmed and have FedEx show up at the North Pole using their own brand of magic. Show Santa shaking hands with a team member, then show a FedEx plane, semi and delivery vehicle giving off sparks of FedEx magic.

    Yasir Jamal says:

    Wishing my FedEx family a Merry Christmas. May the New Year bring many blessing to all.

    Patricia Boruff says:

    I wish my FedEx family a terrific and safe holiday season. Miss seeing everyone.

    Serenthia Bailey says:

    Merry Christmas to the Entire FedEx Family.

    Cindy Ruth says:

    Love this!!! I love how your page “How The Holidays Arrive” shows Fedex working with Santa and his reindeer showing the total itemized number of trucks, planes and 1 sleigh!! As well as, the number of employees and 1 Santa!

    Kat says:

    Thank you for this! This is my proof to the Kids who are having doubts that Santa DOES still exist! LOL! LOVE it!!!

    M.Magana Jr says:

    We make it happen! Happy Holidays, everyone!

    Jerry says:

    FedEX employees give up quality time with our families during the holidays to make sure our customers are happy with theirs. I love knowing that that i am bringing joy to families and especially children. One driver to another, have a great christmas and have a relaxing long weekend. Get some rest. You know we all deserve it.

    TazMage says:

    Thanks for sending me this link in my email, I would like to wish everyone at FedEx a very, Merry Christmas. My grandson’s gift arrived on time, when expected, unlike some of the other packages that haven’t quite got here yet from one of the ‘other’ package delivery companies….so…THANK YOU! 🙂

    David Babel says:

    The Purple Promise is the driving force to the success with the FedEx company. We are motivated to be the best while providing the best customer experience ( shippers and recipients). I am proud to be a part of the FedEx family.
    Happy Holidays

    Camy Marroquin-Kerr says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the FedEx Family, I have the utmost respect and admiration for all that I work with!

    Manuel Frias says:

    Holidays are just around the corner and the peak season is here already, our commitment is to deliver happiness and emotions to our valued customers!! happy holidays to all the FedEx team around the world, peace to all of you and your families!

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