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How to plant 1,000 trees in less than 90 minutes

April 4, 2011

For all of you who’ve never heard of Felix Finkbeiner – NOT MANY, I’M SURE – he’s a young boy from Southern Germany who turned a 2007 homework assignment into a project to change the world.

At the age of 9, Felix demanded: We “stop talking” and do something! Plant-for-the-Planet was born.

The idea is simple: Children should plant one million trees in every country of the world to make it a better place.

Plant-for-the-Planet has already reached its goal in Germany. In May 2010, the millionth tree was planted on Mount Petersberg located near the former German capital, Bonn. But this hasn’t stopped FedEx from getting involved. Not only have we donated $40,000 to Plant-for-the-Planet, but we have committed ourselves to help organize events and help plant trees!

Our goal is to help Plant-for-the-Planet plant 100,000 trees by 2013. We had our kick-off on Saturday, March 12th and it was “supercool”. On one of the first sunny days of the year, 44 boys and girls aged 7-15 spent their hard earned free time from school to plant the first 1,000 trees in less than 90 minutes. Thanks to the great support of local foresters, each of the children managed to plant one tree every four minutes!

You’d think after all the activity the children would have been tired. But NO. They attended Plant-for-the-Planet academy’s educational programs and workshops to learn more about the environment. They watched a movie about planting trees and learned some facts and figures about the environment. For example, did you know what the difference of Greenland ice and Antarctic ice is? Well, I didn’t. Greenland ice mainly covers ground while huge parts of Antarctic ice are located underneath the sea level. This makes a huge difference when it starts to melt and impacts the seal level.

The children also discussed what they could do to help the environment. After receiving a few tips on how to behave in front of an audience, they presented their personal goals in public. Parents, teachers and local politicians were listening when a boy promised to spread the environmental information by writing an article for the school magazine. 

And a young girl had a very good idea: She said that she and her friends were used to commuting to school by their parent’s car. From the day after the event on, they would start to ride their bicycles.

We at FedEx will continue to support these absolutely remarkable children: Our next tree planting in Germany will take place in the autumn of this year. There are 99,000 more trees waiting for us. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

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