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Hugs and High Fives from Students at Smothers Elementary

May 6, 2011

School Principal, Shannon Feinlatt’s voice cracked and her eyes welled up with tears as she talked about how difficult it is to find resources and volunteers for a school in need like hers. We were only the second group of volunteers in her 1.5 year term. She said for scholars who may have no books at home, the gift of new books and the new reading corner will change their lives, and that she was so thankful for our donation of time and resources. Few had a dry eye when Principal Feinlatt finished her welcome at the celebration of the new reading corner at Smothers Elementary School, Washington, D.C.
The school is the beneficiary of a generous grant FedEx made to The Heart of America Foundation®.  The Heart of America’s design team worked with the school and FedEx volunteers to transforms a lackluster room, adjacent to the school’s library into a vibrant, inspiring reading corner. In true FedEx spirit, the walls are now painted orange and purple and the room is outfitted with purple furniture.
We spent a few hours reading out-loud to the students. Most of us acted like a kid, as we were as excited as the children and had as much fun as them with the readings and new books. The entire day was heartwarming but it was so sweet to be hugged and high fived endlessly by the grinning students when you gave them their new books.
FedEx Express team member, Janice Person said it best, “This is what it’s all about  .  .  . Working for a great company that provides opportunities like this to make a difference in the lives of young students.”


    Angela Gray says:

    The children at Smothers Elementray were so excited about the new reaing space and even more excited to read the books. They wanted to take the books in the library home with them. Their enthusiasm about reading was very exciting to see.

    Janice Person says:

    This event was one of the best events that I have volunteered for with FedEx. The students,staff, and principal of Smothers were so appreciative of the books as well as the READesign corner. Bravo Zulu Team DC!

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