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Hunger Awareness – The Collierville Food Bank Garden

November 20, 2009

FedEx volunteers help support a local Memphis-area food bank by caretaking for a living garden that supplies the Collierville Food Bank with fresh produce for the people who depend on it. 


    Linda Barry says:

    What a worthy cause that Carl and Jimmy and others serve! It is so great to see this video via FedEx home page news. Thank you. You’ve brought this into our minds and shown us one more way in which FedEx personnel serve our communities and helped Carl and Jimmy spread the word.

    Colleen Martin says:

    Well, this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I’m a gardener so I can really relate. Congratulations to all involved for such a wonderful mission. I’ve always thought that if we used vacant land along our roadways to plant crops and flowers we would have no hunger in America and a more beautiful place to live.

    Lonnie Harvey Jones says:

    How can I become a volunteer? I love to plant and watch plants grow.

    The Collierville Victory Garden is a good model for any group wishing to help needy individuals in a community, by providing fresh vegetables. I thought the video was nicely done, and I like that the fact the gardeners are educating children in the process. Carl Wayne and other master gardeners and volunteers from FEDEX are to be commended.

    ann perkins says:

    What a wonderful idea, every station and FedEx location accross the world should take this challenge on for their community. I love the education children gain, and the vegetables for the needy is a plus. Lets get it going accross the country and world.

    ann perkins says:

    Who’s aboard for 2010 with their community garden?

    Mary Ellen Gerdts says:

    What a wonderful thing you are doing. We all need to take part and give back to the community.

    Forrest King says:

    Good job Paula! A nice little piece on the victory garden.

    Keltner Morris says:

    What another wonderful example of the FedEx cares idea. Always putting in time to help others. GREAT JOB FEDEX!

    David says:

    Thats awesome, keep up the great work!

    Shannon says:

    Thank you for caring, supporting and teaching your community. If only more communities did this more people who are in difficult times wouldn’t have to put there health at risk by having access to healthy food. I garden, and its really not hard. You get a LOT out of a small space… anyone can do it. Even only with pots.

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