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FedEx Donates and Delivers 10 Tons of Food to Houston in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

September 2, 2017

More than 20,000 meals-ready-to-eat (MREs) made their way to survivors of Hurricane Harvey on Friday.

FedEx team members at the company’s World Hub in Memphis, Tenn. loaded 10 tons of food onto a FedEx jet bound for Houston on Friday. The individually packaged meals included entrees such as pasta and chicken, a snack and a dessert. The delivery was made to the American Red Cross in Houston. The meals, which would be enough to feed 1,000 people three meals a day for a week, will be distributed to those affected by the devastating storm.

FedEx keeps the MREs in a temperature controlled environment at the FedEx Air Operations Complex (AOC) in Memphis as part of a disaster preparation plan in the event an earthquake or other disaster were to strike the area near the World Hub.

The MREs were donated in addition to the $1 million in cash and transportation support FedEx Corp. committed to deliver in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

“FedEx is sending these meals where the need is immediate,” said John Kinch, Air Operations Disaster Incident Commander, FedEx Express. Kinch oversees the 465-member volunteer disaster recovery team.  “It’s another way for us to show we care about them, and that we’re with them.”

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    Elmer Bowers says:

    Compassion delivered. Go FedEx.

    SharonBailey says:

    You’ve set such a great example of how a large company like yours can help&support so many affected by this Hurricane. Thank you for your humanitarian assistance.
    BTW…I’m a BIG NASCAR FAN of your driver Denny Hamlin..

    Tammy Scott says:

    I’m so proud to see a company as large as yours helping with the Hurricane Relief.
    Just wish more Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, UPS, Etc. would help more too.
    If little people like us can not only donate to the Hurricane Relief fund for the people effected by the Hurricane not only in Florida but Texas too then so can big companies. Also there’s places like Petco that are taking donations to help with all the animals effected by both Hurricanes.
    Thanks Fed Ex. You’ve got my business for life. Rather you have my money instead of UPS. Also Thanks to All Your Employees.

    Desera Duggan says:

    I watched the rescue of the animals on the American News in Australia on the weekend What a wonderful humanitarian thing to do It is wonderful to know there are people out there who will stretch their arms out to these people in need From the 150 animals I say a ” Big Thank You”


    fedex does it better!!

    David Ekpenyong says:

    this is a sincere love for humanity,
    FedEx thank you

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