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I Am FedEx – A Veteran’s Story

November 10, 2014

It’s 4 AM. The alarm clock sounds. Work clothes are neatly pressed, and ready to go. The road to work is dark and quiet. It’s been over a decade since Tim Malone hung up his Army uniform, but not much has changed relative to the structure and pace of his work. Now, an AM Station Ops Manager for FedEx Express in Chattanooga, TN, Tim finds that many of the things he was used to in the military are still with him at FedEx. While the days of hauling 60+ lbs of gear on his back for miles of Iraq deserts are behind him, Tim says it’s the “fundamental skillsets and experience” he gained in the Army that have served him well at FedEx. The attention to detail, timeliness, teamwork, accuracy; all part of the necessary norm in helping Tim and his team achieve their daily goals.



In many ways Tim was destined to work at FedEx. Both his parents worked and retired from the company. As he says, “growing up, the Purple Promise was in the family.” But before he would begin his career creating outstanding FedEx experiences, he enlisted in the U.S. Army. From 1999-2003, Tim served as an E-4 Specialist for various commands in Bamburg, Germany, Fort Stewart, GA, Kosovo, and Iraq. Having been primarily responsible for troop movement and training, Tim ended his time in service with an honorable discharge, and found himself seeking a second career where those skills would be transferrable.

Tim’s journey with FedEx started in 2004 when he worked as a package handler in Memphis, TN. Right away he connected with other veterans within the company. They showed him the ropes, and what career opportunities lay ahead. Connecting with other veterans was instrumental in helping Tim with his transition from the military. He would later move to Chattanooga, TN and become a Swing Driver. Two years later he moved into management at his station there.

What Tim really enjoys most about his job is the hustle and collaboration that takes place with his team members during the busiest times of the year. ”Everything has to be in sync for this operation to go smoothly.” No doubt his Army training gave him the discipline needed to accomplish just that.

From our CEO on down, FedEx has always valued the skills and experience veterans bring to the company. Tim is another shining example of that.

This Veterans Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating those who have served and sacrificed for our great country. Reach out and thank a veteran – they’ve earned it!


    Gail Strong says:

    nice story. I am proud of you. Keep up the good work.

    Sue says:

    Thank you to both Tim Malone and Ben Hunt for their service to our country.

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