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I Know Why FedEx Cares in Los Angeles

October 11, 2011

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fcw-laFor 7 years, it has been my privilege to lead the annual FedEx Cares Los Angeles program. Over the years that I’ve coordinated this project, I’ve learned a lot about the needs in my own community and about the company I work for. The type of project that we do and the location of the project varies from year to year, but the outpouring of support from our Southern California team members never wavers. And although I see it time and again, I’m always amazed at how willingly our team members step up to volunteer and give back to those in need.
This year more than 150 volunteers representing all Operating Companies joined forces to help combat hunger at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. I was proud, and quite frankly, humbled by the enthusiasm in which our volunteers sorted food and filled food bags for low-income seniors who depend on the Brown Bag program. In just a few short hours, we filled 11,400 bags of nutritious food for needy seniors. The work we did is equivalent to 6 days of work for the Food Bank’s limited staff!
We were also pleased that we could add a little something extra for seniors in their bags over the next few weeks. Thanks to an $8,000 grant from FedEx, the Food Bank can purchase over 40,000 pounds of fresh produce for this program. Although many of us take fresh produce in our diet for granted, it is often an expensive premium purchase that low-income elderly residents just don’t have the money for.
Community organizations that we collaborate with are always excited to work with FedEx because they know that we’ll come through for them. Michael Flood, the Food Bank’s CEO, echoed that sentiment when he said “The support that the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank receives from FedEx in terms of volunteers, financial support and other ways is critical to the Food Bank’s mission to end hunger, and it is greatly appreciated.”
And lastly I want to personally thank each and every FedEx volunteer in Southern California. Whether the project is sorting food, painting murals at a women’s shelter, planting flowers at an elementary school or building benches at a community center, you guys always show up to deliver the Purple Promise. I’m honored to work with you and so proud to work for a company that cares.

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