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I’m Happy to Serve at FedEx

April 24, 2009

I like challenges. I’ve decided to challenge myself this week and I want you to do the same.  I want to challenge you this week to thank those around us who help us everyday try to balance my life.   This week is Administrative Assistant week.  It is a time set aside to thank those who make our lives easier.  As I thought of the continuous challenge of balancing our lives and specifically our work life; I was reminded of just how many people I rely on to accomplish all the projects in my life.

Someone once told me that if we keep an attitude of serving others this attitude will come back to you 100 fold in others wanting to help you.  The truth is the more we help others the more help we receive.  Also, it just feels good.  While we are trying to balance our lives in this hectic world it sure is nice to feel good.  Choosing to serve and feel good about it is within our own power; I say try it!

Being a good leader in my opinion is someone who practices servant leadership everyday.   When I look at leaders that I admire I find those who believe in this philosophy.   I want to be that kind of a leader and person, so l challenge myself everyday to find ways to help make my staff’s jobs easier and more effective. I see it as a quality of life issue. If they’re happy, it allows them to better serve our customers. I believe the words “to serve” is an honor! It truly means we are helping others.  Think of the brave men and women who serve in our Armed Forces, those with the ultimate servant’s heart and what they do in their own line of duty.  They are proud to serve.

Take a moment to look around and list everyone who helps you each day get done all of the things that matter to you, no matter what their roll in life may be.  Listing them out on paper helps to really identify what they do for you.  I think you will be humbly surprised at how much we rely on others each day. I can tell you that I was so inspired when I did this exercise.  So, another challenge, I like challenges, during this week of Admin Assistance week to take a moment to just say thank you who have served you in some way.  

I hope you will let me know some of the folks you are thanking this week and how it made you feel.  This week, let’s together make this world a better more appreciative world! 🙂


    Busy Mom says:

    A fabulous idea! I’m starting with my kids’ coaches and teachers.

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