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Impact is the Key Word

April 12, 2013

Have you ever thought about the thin line between problem solving and innovation? One tends to lead to the other, so in the end, the idea of disruptive technology isn’t so disruptive at all. It’s a tool of innovation, which is the engine used to make an impact in the business world.

Impact is the key word.

I was engaged recently in an ideas forum hosted by The Economist at UC Berkeley. Our moderator, Martin Giles, US technology correspondent for The Economist, came up with an intriguing way to consider innovation – which was to perceive it as being generated three ways:  

  • Innovation as a response to customers’ needs
  • Innovation for a company that changes an industry
  • Innovation as a partnership

One of many examples in response to customers’ needs is FedEx Electronic Trade Documents which automates documents for custom clearance so paperwork can be worked on while a flight is in progress. For innovation that will inevitably revolutionize a whole industry are the bold new advances FedEx supports in the creation of alternative jet fuel. The third one, which is innovation from a partnership, could be the development of the multi-platform monitoring system of SenseAware.

But there was one aspect missing: Innovation as a stroke of brilliance that changes the world just by connecting its inhabitants. The telephone was one of those, as was radio, even more so than television, and more recently, the internet.

Also, forty years ago, our chairman, Fred Smith had an idea to fill the sky from midnight to dawn with cargo flights delivering 186 packages a night – and now 9 million a night – and the concept of long distance overnight delivery was born.  It changed the world by connecting its inhabitants. Now, that’s innovation.

Happy Anniversary, FedEx.  I am very proud to work here.


    MayLyn says:

    Happy anniversary to FedEx the best shipping company for my eBay shipments and being the best company to volunteer for! Thanks to Fred Smith FedEx wouldn’t be here and I admire him for making this wonderful company become the worlds most top companies to work for in the world! I love FedEx and I’m proud to day I AM FedEx!

    Pamela Beck Rumble says:

    Happy 40th Anniversary to FedEx! I am proud to work for this company and look forward to its continuing success! Thank you Mr. Smith for starting this company and being such an OUTSTANDING LEADER! We appreciate you!

    Josia Nakash says:

    “Innovation as a stroke of brilliance that changes the world just by connecting its inhabitants”

    These are unusual times we are living in. Everyone is a little confused and searching for answers. Consumers and business executives need to receive new information along with the innovation you are providing. They need to receive guidance and insight along with Fedex services at every possible opportunity.

    People are seeking fulfilling experiences that go beyond what they are holding in their hand. By providing this new information, Fedex can lift the world into a new era of social sustainability. It is in your power to bring about this positive shift because Fedex has the perfect global foundation and is a trusted brand all over the world.

    What am I suggesting? Add a new layer of uplifting information that provides guidance about the new global stage we have entered. This is what the world really needs right now.

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