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May 7, 2015

On Monday, May 5, FedEx Express courier Justin Gordon was delivering packages in a rural area outside of Montgomery, Alabama. As he pulled up to a home set several miles apart from all neighbors, the home owner ran around quickly from the side of his house. Justin was initially startled, but then realized the customer was terribly injured.

Most of the man’s arm was completely severed and he was bleeding profusely. According to Justin, the homeowner said a blade had flown off a saw. He was able to provide his wife’s cell phone number. Justin immediately called the paramedics, who said it would be more than 20 minutes before they could arrive to the remote location.

Justin retrieved plastic bags from his delivery vehicle and used them as a tight tourniquet to slow the blood loss. Even so, within moments of the emergency call, the homeowner passed out from blood loss.

Justin stayed by the man’s side while waiting for the ambulance, and sent messages to the gentleman’s wife. The paramedics credit Justin’s quick and calm thinking for saving a life.

“I knew this was a life-threatening situation, so I just did what anyone else would do,” Justin said. “I’m just thankful that I was in the right place at that particular moment. This area doesn’t see much traffic and there was no one else for miles around.”

Later in the afternoon, Justin heard from the customer’s wife. She thanked him for his life-saving assistance and reported that her husband would survive his devastating wound.


    Brenda Birmingham says:

    Justin is a blessing..only God could place him at the right place but it was he that performed the duty to help another life!!!
    Great job Justin…we need more men like you.
    Brenda Birmingham

    Catherine Barnes says:

    well done fed man ., thanks for u careing

    john whaling says:

    hello I’m from hagerstown md fedex 18 wheeler driver and I m glad that ur on our team keep up the great work I have am alot of faith in u ur a god sin

    Pat Kniss says:

    Great job. Your parents have to be proud.

    Gail Harris says:

    Justin what a remarkable act of courage. For we are only a vessel unto which He has called us to do. Praise God you were called that day to help save another’s life and you chose to respond the way He would have us to do. May God bless his family and yours as well.

    Vernessa says:

    It’s in Justin’s DNA to help those who are in need. I am so proud of my son and his character speaks volume. Continue to do good deeds.

    wendy graves says:

    Its obvious he was raised correctly.god bless you all

    Mary says:

    You raised a good guy!

    courtney says:

    He’s a hero

    Kim Dake says:

    You raised a fine young man there Vernessa! Kudos to Justin for being a calm, helpful presence for this man in dire need! 🙂

    Atanu Dutta says:

    Great job Justin…everybody should proud of you.

    Adam (FedEx Sheffield, UK) says:

    nice one mate great to see people that give help when it’s needed no matter who is in need. Your a credit to humanity and our team.

    Krista Hogan says:

    Way to go Justin! I am proud to be your co-worker at FedEx Express in Memphis. So glad your customer will be OK.

    Jeanene TJADEN says:

    Justin, you are a blessing to many. What you’ve done is truly the Purple Heart of what Fedex people are all about. God knows the color of your heart, stay Awesome!!

    Valerie says:

    Great job justin!

    Randall says:

    Proud that you work for FedEx. Great job!

    James Burgess says:

    Good job Justin. I am a fedex express employee from Montreal Canada. I am truly proud of you for what you done. Again good job.

    wendy graves says:

    Congrats justin for stepping up to help this could of been selfish and went on your way.#love that fed ex man saved a life♡

    Daniel B. Perry says:

    Awesome Justin!!!
    Angels must wear Purple…

    Vanessa Miller says:

    What a blessing Justin was there at the right time and moment! Great Job!

    Winston Ekpo says:

    Great job! Thank God! Justin you were God sent. Thank God for FedEx.

    Janeth says:

    Great to hear another great story. God bless you! You are a blessing

    Josh says:

    Bravo Zulu, Justin! Way to go above and beyond!

    beav says:

    Blessings to u

    Melissa Detroit Home Delivery says:

    Awesome job Justin.

    Teresa says:

    BZ Above and Beyond Justin! So proud to work for a company with people like you who care!

    Darrel says:

    From a former FedEx employee great job Justin for being there for the customer ans saving his life.

    Valerie L, Fedex courier in LA, Ca says:

    To say Kudos to you Justin is a HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT! Your quick thinking and actions saved this man, A proud co-worker from California!

    Sue Scherdel / Sr. Supply Specialist / Melville, NY says:

    You should be very proud of Justin, Vernessa. What a wonderful thing for him to do, saving the life of another. God has blessed you, your son and the injured man and his wife.

    Debra Brandt says:

    Thank you Justin for helping that man. You will truly be rewarded. You are a Guardian Angel. Great Job. All Our Love From MUNCY PA. You Go Fedex.

    Randy says:

    Bravo Zulu Justin ! From a co-worker in Tulsa Ok

    Darlene Hurley says:

    Thank you Justin.

    LaDonna O'Bright says:

    Good Job Justin!! So proud of you
    ::: thumbs up :::

    Anonymous says:

    Way to go Justin!

    Laura says:

    Bravo Zulu to Justin you went above and beyond may God bless you always!

    Cindy says:

    God put you there and you did your part! So glad you stayed calm and helped this poor guy. God bless you Jordan. Well done.

    darlene ham says:

    great job justin fed ex should give you a special award and a couple of dinners for you and your family

    Angela Joseph says:

    Thank you God for placing Justin where you wanted him to be at that time. Thank you Justin for a fast reaction to help and save the life of this man. May God bless you. From a co-worker in Houston,TX.

    Dennis Bone says:

    Awesome job Justin! From a retired co worker from Boston, Mass. You are a true hero. Not everyone would have acted as you did in a highly stressful situation. BRAVO ZULU!!

    Stephanie says:

    Wonderful news. Right place, right time. Great job! God Bless.

    Anonymous says:

    God Bless you Justin!!!!

    Bill Sayle says:

    God bless you. Good job!

    Anthony Garcia says:

    Truely an amazing story. Cant wait for Good Day NY Morning show to have you as a guest and if you come to NY Dinner is on me flr an outstanding job you done here. Come in Greg and Rosanna another greatan needs to be showered with love just like he showed that day for that man and his unforntunate situation.

    Allen says:

    A very nice job. Not everyone would have done that

    Julie Tongue says:

    This is Devine intervention!

    Marc Clint Dion says:

    Nice work Justin. I often wonder what I’d do in a situation like this.

    Hopefully I’d be able to keep calm and clear-headed so I could help as well as you did. 🙂

    Joyce Sartin says:

    Justin God placed you there to assist that man and you did. Thank God for you and I’m ecstatic that the young man is doing okay

    Ken Thomas says:


    I thank you for your act of courage and selflessness. This really inspires me.

    Vinny Dattolo says:

    congratulations to Justin!it’s not often you get to hear good stories nowadays. God bless.

    Sherilyn says:

    The world would be such a better place if every person had a heart like Justin’s. God Bless you & your family! I hope your generous caring heart is smiling!

    Glinder says:

    Thanks be to GOD for being in the right place at the right time. may God continues to bless you and your Family.

    Kay Breedlove says:

    I want top say thank you to this kind young man. It just restore your faith in people and country. God Bless him

    Crystal Courtouise says:

    Very good of you to do this!!! Many blessings to you and your family!

    Merrianne Furlong says:

    God Bless you Justin, for being willing to step in and help this man. You should be very proud!

    Kelley says:

    Great job Justin

    pat miles says:

    We are so proud of u Justin from Memphis Fedex great job.That’s how we do it in the big M . Helping others.May God continue bless u.

    Louis B says:

    I work for Fed Ex in NC just wanted to say proud to be on the same team as you God bless you

    shelley buford Fedex Ground Bmt Tx says:

    Whoop Whoop! Fedex Rocks! God Bless Justin.

    Bernadine Malone says:

    Thank God for Justin. Your character and upbringing speaks for itself. God bless you.

    Bill Cunningham says:

    Great job and fast thinking. I’m a Fedex retiree. Was a great in BHM back in 78.

    Tyrone Swift Sr. says:


    Tyrone Swift Sr. says:

    Great job Justin!!!!

    Elena says:

    It takes a brave man to do what you did for the man….you saved his life Justin…Cheers…and God Bless you!!

    Tonya Alpharett Ga says:

    good job Justin you are

    purple angel


    Thomas Kerr says:

    Big Bravo Zulu for quick thinking, excellent field improvisation, and coolheadedness under pressure. Good tools for any Express courier! I’ll bet that gentleman and his wife were happy to receive the Purple Promise that day! Talk about above and beyond!

    Marilyn Fain says:

    Good job Justin you were def. in the right place at the right time….Bless you

    Rose Vega says:

    What a remarkable act of courage. Praise God you were called that day to help save another’s life and you chose to respond the way He would have us to do. Purple Promise-Purple Heart… Way to Go, What a simple act of kindness can do for a stranger by saving a life and easing his wife mind as well on the cell phone until she could reach him. May God bless your family and you as well.. Great Job.
    From-Rose in Richmond

    shavee thompson says:

    Justin, Thank you for answering the call to duty. May GOD continue to work in your life and may you continue Do His Will! GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
    Much Love

    Patrick Billups says:

    Way to save the day !

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