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FedEx Innovation Challenge

April 24, 2018

The FedEx Innovation Challenge is a social media-based competition for FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge teams at 2018 FIRST Championship in Houston and Detroit.

Your Team Can Win Big!

This contest is open to all FRC and FTC teams, from the U.S. and abroad, present and competing at the 2018 FIRST World Championship. Your team can compete to win a grant for your future FIRST initiatives. FYI returning teams – the challenge format has changed this year!

More than $20,000 USD
Grants Awarded from FedEx

$10,000 grant – Thursday, April 26
$10,000 grant – Friday, April 27
$2,500 Spirit Award grant also presented!

To be eligible for the prizes, teams are required to participate by completing the daily challenges on Thursday, April 26 and/or Friday, April 27. Challenge winners from each day will be announced the following morning.


Challenges, rules, and more below:

Detroit Challenges and Houston Winners

The first Challenge for Detroit’s FedEx Innovation Challenge will be published here on Thursday, April 26 at 7am ET.


Congratulations to the FedEx Innovation Challenge winners from FIRST Championship Houston. Check out their work below:


Challenge 2: Delivering For Good – FedEx & Operation BBQ Relief

FedEx aircraft mechanic Scott Guy is a volunteer with Operation BBQ Relief, which provides food in disaster zones to first responders, National Guard, police and residents.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma in 2017, there was a critical need for thousands of meals delivered to the Florida Keys. The request went out to FedEx Global Operations Command and Control to help Operation BBQ Relief get the meals to the Florida Keys. Teams coordinated the lift in a matter of hours, and the meals were launched less than 18 hours after the request was received.

  • FedEx assigned two dedicated feeder planes to airlift the food from Ft. Meyers to Key West
  • Two flights daily provided lunch and dinner service
  • 10,000 hot meals per day were delivered for four consecutive days
  • That’s 3,700 pounds of food each day!
  • On average, the number of calories in an individual meal was 1,350

Calculate the total number of joules for all meals delivered in the operation (and show your work!)

We’re pretty sure you can handle the math on this, so creativity could be the difference-maker.

Upload your answer as an IMAGE (photo/collage/graphic) that shows the answer and how you got it.

Friday winners – congratulations to Torbots FRC 1197!


Challenge 1:  Time Flies

Consider this hypothetical:

  • 2x Cesium-133 Atomic Clocks are housed at the FedEx World Hub in Memphis, displaying the precise, identical time.
  • One of these clocks is loaded onto a FedEx Boeing 777F, which is scheduled to depart Memphis and circle the globe twice.
  • Upon its return to Memphis, you personally examine and compare the clocks, and notice that they are displaying 2 different times.


This is a two-part challenge! The answers to both parts of the challenge need to be shown in a single VIDEO (:15 max).

  • What early 1970’s experiment tested the theory of relativity and what did it prove?
  • Visually provide an example of Time Dilation.

Remember, winners are determined on accuracy, team spirit and creativity! Have some fun with this… feel free to sing a song, write a haiku or express yourself however you’d like. Use those left-brains!

Thursday winners – congratulations to G3 Robotics FRC 1648!

Spirit award winners – congratulations to Howdy Bots FRC 6377!

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