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INROADS Scholarship recipients speak

September 1, 2011

christina inroadsChristina Cook
2011 FedEx INROADS Leadership Scholar

Graduating Senior, University of Alabama-Birmingham
Sponsoring Company: Regions Financial Corporation

My receipt of the 2011 FedEx-INROADS Leadership scholarship could not have come at a better time. This scholarship will allow me to me maintain my focus on my classes, instead of their steadily increasing costs. As recipient of the 2011 FedEx-INROADS Leadership scholarship, I felt it was my responsibility to become more familiar with the organization that not only sees the value in rewarding scholarships to students like me, but also sees the value in sponsoring and supporting non-profit organizations like INROADS, Inc.

Of course, FedEx is a well recognized and very successful company, but after doing my research, I soon realized that it is so much more than a highly ranked company in Fortune magazine. One major aspect of the organization that stood out to me was FedEx’s commitment to valuing diversity in the workplace. FedEx understands the importance of a diversified workplace and the different skills, knowledge, and experiences it brings to enhance the organization.

Since INROADS is dedicated to increasing diversity in the workplace by providing college students with corporate experience, the INROADS-FedEx partnership seems to be a great fit. Together, they are working to achieving their goal of increasing diversity in the workforce, all the while providing great opportunities and experiences to me and influencing my future success.

Already offering internships to minority students as a corporate sponsor of INROADS, FedEx’s additional support of the INROADS program through the 2011 FedEx-INROADS Learning Summit only showed their true dedication to the program and their willingness to go above and beyond for something it is committed to.

In addition to the scholarship I received, the 2011 FedEx-INROADS Learning Summit was extremely beneficial. Not only was I able to gain valuable knowledge of the workplace, but I also gained profound insight that I can and will use in my personal life. Seminars like Transitioning to the World of Work and A Different World: Connecting Your Life and Career After College were especially meaningful, and provided me with the right tools and knowledge I need to make informed decisions that could potentially impact my professional career forever. Learning the skills and techniques needed for effective interviewing and evaluating job offers was both practical and empowering.

Along with the seminars, the learning summit helped me connect with more experienced professionals through networking events and panel discussions. Creating an environment where young professionals can interact with top level executives is an opportunity that most students will not get to experience. Their advice is something I greatly appreciate and acknowledge as a wonderful learning opportunity.

In a few short days, the 2011 INROADS-FedEx Learning Summit helped me to better prepare for my quickly approaching transition from student to business professional while also showing me how true dedication and commitment can greatly influence the lives of others.


allison inroadsAllison Townes
2011 FedEx INROADS Leadership Scholar

Junior, North Carolina A&T State University
Sponsoring Company: Carrier

Never mind lazy days; my summer vacation has been charged withvaluable experiences that I will carry with me for a lifetime.  I am a first year INROADS intern at Automated Logic Corporation located in Kennesaw, Georgia.  As part of the specialized training INROADS requires of every intern, I attended the 2011 Southeast Region Learning Summit located at Emory University, Atlanta, GA the weekend of July 8-9, 2011.  It was an amazing experience.   Almost 200 interns were in attendance from a host of markets: Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Durham, Jackson, Memphis and Nashville.

The weekend’s theme, “Inspiring Greatness. Nothing Less Will Do,” set the tone for the many workshops, exercises, and networking opportunities that ensued. INROADS, Inc. President and CEO Forest T. Harper Jr. endorsed the Summit’s mission and his appearance was an immense morale booster. Interns took full advantage of the weekend activitieswhich allowed usto take a more active role in pursuing our career goals. I felt empowered.

Not only did attendees make huge strides towards self-improvement, but we were also able to establish lasting new friendships among ourselves.  A support network quickly formed with students offering each other advice on how to optimize an INROADS summer internship.  I was in awe of the diversity of talent within the Southeast Region.  We, as interns, are truly dedicated to upholding the reputation of INROADS and promoting its growth so that in the future even more students may participate in this high impact program.Being in INROADS means you are ambitious, unselfish and a trailblazer determined to pave the way for others.  

The INROADS organization cares tremendously about the success of every intern.  An awards ceremony recognized the many achievements of INROADS interns, including a scholarship presentation from the summit’s premier sponsor, FedEx. I was fortunate to be named one of two recipients of the FedEx-INROADS Leadership Scholarship.  I am grateful beyond measure for thefinancial support that will reducecollege expenses. All in all, the learning summit was an outlet for interns to be able to relate aspirations and celebrate progress.

I wish to extend a special thank you to the Learning Summit Executive Panel:  Shannon A. Brown (keynote speaker from FedEx Express), Alex Parker, Ramon Jones, Teri Plummer-McClure, Dexter B. Warrior, and Elijah Pasha.  This panel opened the weekend by sharing their personal successes and providing practical answers to questions from interns. A warm thanks is also given to all volunteer facilitators, many of whom are INROADS alumni, who shared their experiences through dynamic lesson plans filled with professional guidance and counseling.   I may never be able to thank INROADS enough.


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