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Inspirational 3-minute FedEx and ORBIS Video submitted for this year’s International CSR Film Festival. Please vote for FedEx!

February 20, 2012

orbisEvery year the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship sponsors a film festival and invites corporations to submit a three-minute video showcasing their commitment to global citizenship. This year, FedEx submitted an inspirational video sharing with viewers the depth of our 29-year commitment to ORBIS International, a leading global blindness prevention organization.
ORBIS operates the world’s only Flying Eye Hospital, a converted DC10 airplane. The plane has a classroom up front, an operating room in the middle, and a recovery room in the back. ORBIS staff and volunteer doctors perform sight-saving surgeries in developing countries around the globe and train local doctors and nurses creating a multiplier effect that has saved and/or restored the sight of hundreds of thousands over the years.
As you will see in the video, our support for ORBIS engages many aspects of who we are as a company. FedEx crewmembers serve as volunteer pilots, our mechanics help maintain the Flying Eye Hospital, we help train volunteer pilots, we provide complimentary transportation to help get medicines and equipment to ORBIS programs around the world, and our team members volunteer to support local ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital programs. They serve as translators, patient escorts and in many other ways.
Please go to, take a look at the FedEx and ORBIS video, and vote for FedEx!

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