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Mobile Field Hospital Shines in Disaster Dress Rehearsal

March 21, 2018

First responders to crisis and conflict around the world, International Medical Corps is committed to being on the frontlines of a disaster, no matter when and where that disaster strikes.

Their mobile field hospital is warehoused by FedEx, and can be transported quickly to almost anywhere in the world.

When fully deployed, the hospital has a 60-bed capacity; 12 medical shelters that take up nearly a football field; and weighs some 50 tons.

Recently the field hospital went through a dress rehearsal with a simulated deployment in downtown Los Angeles.

Click here to see how the field hospital is prepped for action.

International Medical Corps field hospital simulation

International Medical Corps field hospital simulation



    Conrad Cordova FNP-C says:

    I dream of doing this. I’m an NP in Tucson Arizona. 20+ years acute care ICU nursing experience.

    I also served one tour in Iraq with the Arizona Air National Guard in a mobile hospital.

    David Norton says:

    This is only one of many reasons why I’m a proud member of the fedex team.And thank you for doing what your doing to help the people in need.

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