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Introducing the 2015 Access 25

January 23, 2015

In the past decade, we have all joined a global marketplace that is evolving at an extraordinary pace. Change, which used to happen gradually, now happens to every business constantly. And that raises critical questions: Am I adapting quickly enough? What do I need to know to withstand — and capitalize on — global change?

All of us are wrestling with these challenges. As for the answers, I believe they can be found at the intersection of the world’s virtual and physical networks.

By virtual networks, I mean high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, mobile near-field communication and other digital technologies. By physical networks, I mean transportation systems and logistics platforms.

Where is this virtual-physical convergence happening most quickly? What new technologies are poised to remaster long-entrenched business models? What forces are reshaping the competitive landscape? The 2015 Access 25 from FedEx — a list of people, places and ideas defining global connectivity — explores those questions. For example, it takes a look at the nearshoring trend, which has helped make Nissan Mexico a global automotive powerhouse — and changed the face of one Mexican city in the process. It examines the rise of sensor-driven smart cities around the globe. And it features a broad range of articles on such topics as unbanking, botsourcing, the circular economy and more.

Those are only a few of the items you’ll discover in this year’s Access 25. At FedEx, we’re constantly monitoring changes in customer needs and analyzing economic trends across the globe.

FedEx helps businesses build stronger supply chains in more than 220 countries and territories, putting us in the unique position of being able to share these stories and trends.

We have harnessed that knowledge in Access — our thought leadership platform that fuels important conversations about trends impacting business. I invite you to check out the current issue — which features the Access 25 and is available online — in print and, coming soon, in a mobile app format.

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