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Introducing Predictability with FedEx One Rate

October 21, 2013

Let’s face it – we could all use a little more predictability in our lives. Between work and home, most of us are operating on constant overload and don’t always have time to worry about the details. That’s why FedEx One Rate pricing is a great solution for the busy holidays and beyond – it takes many of the questions and hassles out of shipping.

FedEx One Rate shipping is all about predictability:  three, constant factors that give you one price. There is no need to wonder about what the price will be or the size of your box.  Just pick a FedEx Express box, a destination and a FedEx Express delivery date/time. That’s it!

Better still, no need to have an account to qualify for FedEx One Rate pricing. You can ship quickly and pay by credit card online using the newly updated FedEx Ship Manager Lite or in any FedEx Office or FedEx Express World Service Center.

Whether you send packages daily for your small business or simply for special occasions, FedEx One Rate shipping is a convenient and easy option that doesn’t bother you with details. What will the occasion for your next shipment be? Use the comments section below to share what special shipping moments are up next in your life!

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