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Introducing Saad

By Saad
September 22, 2009

Hi there! I’m Saad (pronounced “SAHD”), the newest airborne team member at FedEx Express.

In case you can’t tell from the picture – I’m a Boeing 777 Freighter hired by FedEx Express to carry air freight on extremely long trips – as long as 6,675 land miles at a time. 

I was created just outside Seattle, Washington, in one of Boeing’s enormous factories, and will soon be completing my first flight across the USA. I’m headed for the FedEx World Headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. The FedEx World Hub at the Memphis International Airport will be one of the many airports around the world I’ll be serving.

But don’t worry, I won’t be alone! More than 140 other FedEx airplanes – both big and small – fly in and out of the Memphis airport almost every night. It’s a pretty impressive place, with more than 300 miles of conveyor belts and 8,000 team members working during the busy night shift.

I must say that I’m uniquely qualified for my new job flying customers’ important packages to and from international destinations, as I have the longest flight range of any twin-engine freighter out there.

Some of my other strengths include a larger payload capacity (I can hold 215,000 pounds of cargo!), a double-digit improvement in fuel efficiency and a double digit reduction in emissions compared to some of the other planes in the FedEx Express family. I look forward to seeing the world as I do my part to help provide our customers with access to global markets. 

Starting in January 2010, the folks at FedEx Express have me scheduled to fly from airports in the U.S. to major cities across the globe. Soon I’ll be joined by 14 other brother and sister 777Fs, who will also fly a myriad of long-haul direct routes, covering up to 6,675 land miles between take-off and landing with each flight.

I’m excited to be the new, greener face of the FedEx Express fleet – and I look forward to my Memphis arrival in October, meeting my new co-workers, and carrying lots and lots of packages. Hopefully yours is one of them!

– Saad the 777

P.S. Like all FedEx airplanes, I’m named after the child of a fellow FedEx team member. Read more about how I got my name.


    Mary Harvey Gurley says:

    Welcome Saad:
    We look forward to many wonderful years of growing our business globally. Fly safe!

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