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Investing in Aviation Technology Education

October 6, 2015

State-of-the art and unique. Good words to describe the aviation technology learning center currently under construction at Arkansas State University Mid-South in West Memphis, Arkansas.

The 22,000-sq.ft. facility will include aircraft hangar space, classrooms, labs and support areas.

Future home of the school’s aviation maintenance program, the facility will also be equipped with a large, hands-on learning tool – a Boeing 727 jet – compliments of the global transportation company 20 miles due east.

As part of its Aircraft Donation Program, FedEx in 2012 donated the jet to the school.

Situated near the construction site, the purple-tailed air freighter is only part of the company’s investment in the school.

On Sept. 30, 2014, FedEx Express announced a donation of $250,000 toward the construction of the learning center. Slated for completion in 2016, the facility will be named the FedEx Aviation Technology Center.

Supporting up to 200 aviation technology students, the facility will offer FAA-certified aviation maintenance technology training.

Greg Hall, senior vice president of Air Safety and Business Operations at FedEx Express, recently visited the construction site with Dr. Debra West, the school’s chancellor.

“We’re excited to see good progress on the aviation center,” said Hall. “We’re looking forward to the next generation of aviation technicians graduating from this excellent education program.”

“Having a facility such as this is certainly important to current and future students at ASU Mid-South, but the long-term relationship with FedEx Express is clearly what makes this remarkable for our students,” said Dr. West.

  • Construction site visit. Pictured left to right: Joaquin Villarreal, training manager, FedEx Express; Larry Haupt, line maintenance managing director, FedEx Express; Millard Smith, lead faculty, Aviation Maintenance School; Debra West, chancellor, ASU Mid-South ; Greg Hall; and Greg Gardner, web developer, ASU Mid-South.

Since 1995, FedEx Express has donated 96 aircraft to a host of organizations, from museums to airport fire departments to schools.



    Israel Hernandez Marcos says:

    Is very fantastic, I think the people`ll learn a lot of aviation technolgy, is possible to implant this program in mexico in the future?

    best regards

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