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Is e-commerce good for all small businesses?

November 22, 2013

There’s a saying in business that goes something like: “Not all business is good business.”

And the same is true for e-commerce.  

While e-commerce is now the largest driving force in the global economy, it comes with warning signs.

Asia might have the most e-commerce “ready” markets in the world – China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore all rank in the top 10 biggest market opportunities– but scratch the surface and securing a foothold in these markets is not easy.

Our experience working with many thousands of entrepreneurs and small business people is that it’s not enough to say: “I want to get into e-commerce.” You have to ask yourself: “Is it good for my business?” Or – “do I have the right business model?”

For small business, one of the biggest questions must be: “Can I get my goods to my customers?”  

While the Internet makes it possible for even the smallest enterprise to get in on the game, the real challenge is achieving a high growth, high profit business.  And arguably one of the biggest hurdles is having the right logistics, and the right supply chain in place – whether by air, land or sea.

It’s not just about speed. It’s about flexibility, and the agility to have the right amount of product in the right place at the right time. It’s about navigating regulatory, customs and business environments in many markets that may be new. And it’s also about having the right tools.

One way we’re supporting small business is with FedEx Quick Form, which we launched recently across Asia. It’s an easy-to-master tool that looks similar to a handwritten Airway Bill, but saves previous shipping information as a profile for future shipments. For entrepreneurs and small businesses alike, it means you can generate repeat shipping labels in just a few clicks.

There’s no doubt there are still challenges when it comes to e-commerce and SMEs but at FedEx, we are listening to what you want.  And that’s making cross-border e-commerce easy and intuitive.

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