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Is There More Than One of YOU Online?

February 13, 2014

Have you ever Googled yourself? How do you protect your online identity? Social networking offers many benefits and risks. We invited Nev Schulman, star of the MTV hit show “Catfish: The TV Show” to speak with FedEx team members at the yearly Cyber Security Month event about his experiences with social media and matters of the heart.  In this video clip, Nev, illustrates a real life example of why privacy settings are important.

Use these tips to help protect your identity online:

  • Look yourself up on the internet. Use search engines and search blogs and social networks for your name in several variations such as: John Doe, John S. Doe, J. Doe, Johnny Doe. Should you find incorrect information posted about you, respectfully request the error removed or corrected.
  • Use privacy settings to restrict who can see and post on your profile. Many social networking sites, chat rooms, and blogs have privacy settings. Find out how to turn these settings on, and then do it.
  • Keep private information private. Your Social Security number and financial information should always be private. Think twice before sharing any of your information.
  • Don’t reply to text, email, or pop-up messages that ask you to reply with personal information. Even if the message looks like it’s from a friend, family member or company you know. These messages may be fakes, sent to steal your information.
  • Know who your friends are. Limit your online friends to people you actually know. Be wary of unknown friends and don’t accept requests from people you don’t know.

For more information: Microsoft’s Safety and Security Center and 

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