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It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Cricket

March 29, 2011

What is it about India and cricket?  If you mention going to a cricket match, most people in US smile politely, then picture an Old World of young men lazing away the day on the cricket field with lunch and tea breaks to boot.  Hardly the case these days.

The crisp whites of the linen-and-parasol set have long been replaced by teams of superb athletes in uniforms in bright blue or orange or green.  Multiple game formats have evolved with the shortest version of the game time now lasting about three hours. 

Cricket is almost religion in India where the entire country comes together around the new formats of a game that now defines modern India.  

Cricket has gained a new fan base throughout India. It’s a game with a ball and a bat that can be played anywhere – and millions of people now cheer for winners who combine teamwork, trust, timing and the quickness to think on their feet. 

The values sound familiar because our company owes its success to the same values. FedEx delivers fast and reliable solutions because we use our combined strengths to work as a team. Our people are our success story – and are ready to help India reach its expected 9% economic growth in the next year.  

For the Cricket World Cup this year, FedEx is supporting ESPN’s coverage with a social media platform called FedEx Fan Network.  You can follow along for the most up-to-date info and connect with fans all over the world.

No matter which sport, it’s exciting when nations compete for glory. Suddenly, hundreds of millions of people are united and for those hours, they are one.  I was in India last week when they beat Australia,  and the country came to a halt.  The passion this World Cup has generated is truly extraordinary to see. 

It’s down to the Final Four!  The Cricket World Cup semi-finals are March 29-30 and the Final on April 2.  

I’m partial to the men in blue playing for India…but let the best team win!


    molly says:

    I think (jealously) of cricket as an Ambercrombie ad, but you’re right, it’s grown way beyond that musty sterotype and the fervor for the sport in India elevates it to religon. Nice to be reminded of other crowd-crazy global sports in the midst of March Madness here in the U.S.

    Eric Keane says:

    It that the legendary Sachin Tendulkar in the photo ??

    Thank you for sharing this story Raj. As someone that has worked many years overseas, and picked up an appreciation for the game of cricket, I enjoyed your blog.

    Stefan says:

    I had the opportunity to meet and speak to Kapil Dev several years ago, along with several Indian journalists. Other than Brazil’s love for soccer I can’t think of any country that’s closer and more passionate about any sport than the way India feels about Cricket.

    kc says:

    I was big cricket fan unitl a decade ago, then came the match fixing allegations on several cricket teams. I hope the game of cricket stays pure and may the best team win the world cup in Mumbai.

    SP says:

    Congratulations!!! India is the World Cricket Champion. Glad FedEx supported cricket.

    K. Subrahmaniam says:

    Have you ever tried to send a local courier through FEDEX’s India arm PFEX from Bangalore to Chennai !! If not try and experience what is probably world’s slowest mail service. It is more than 3 days and we can neither track it online, nor the call center able to trace it, no executive is available with an email or telephone to contact and the call center agents are not authorised to share any senior managers contacts. While every one is defending the poor services , not a soul in FEDEX/ PAFEX thinks of the plight of poor customer !!!

    Now how does it matter when such a company sponsors cricket or not- With lack of service they must be milking the unsuspecting customer and making obscene profit to sponsor world cup !!
    Enjoy and have fun !!

    saurabh says:

    cricket is religious in india. every buddy loves cricket.we r proud that we have highest run score in our country.and we have so many legends in our country….and iam really passionate abt this game..

    Hiten Hirani says:

    Nice one Raj , never knew this existed in our web page and good to see it as well. Well its a definately a relgion and guess passion has overtaken it now .Erik not sure if thats Sachins picture my guess is its Virath Kohli the upcoming circketer who in this short time has become the cricketer for 2011 and may also be for this year.

    Real good to see this ,welldone guyz

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