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It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas…..

November 16, 2008

On Veteran’s Day, FedEx Freight CEO Doug Duncan wrote about our “Trees for Troops” program. After months of planning, our kick-off event has arrived. Columbus, Ohio has served as the origin point for the movement of 300 trees to our troops stationed throughout the Middle East for the past four years.

This is one of my favorite community events. I feel privlidged to watch farmers from across the country, our customers and employees come together for the chance to say “Thank You” to those serving in the armed forces. Through a program with FedEx Office, school children in several states have sent in holiday cards that will accompany the trees.

Following the Columbus event we will travel to Thorntown, Indiana next week to Dull’s Tree Farm. From there 110 trees will be shipped off to the Fifth Fleet in Bahrain. Hundreds of FedEx employees in Indianapolis have signed greeting cards that will be sent along with ornaments and tree stands.

My fellow employees in Indianapolis will join me at Dull’s Tree farm to box and load the trees. There will be local farmers and community members on hand. You can also count on a group of boys from the local High School to flex their muscles and help load the trucks.

Once the trees from Columbus and Thorntown are loaded, they travel to the FedEx Express Hub in Indianapolis to begin their journey across the globe. For every tree delivered at the military installations, there are thousands back home whose hope it is to bring a little holiday spirit to our men and women overseas.



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