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Janie Hertan’s Journey of Joy through Volunteering

March 7, 2016

What brings joy to your life? Maybe it’s visiting your favorite bookstore or coffee shop, or taking a long walk.  For Janie Hertan, it’s volunteering. In her 25 years at FedEx, Janie has embodied what it means to proudly wear the purple shirt both on and off the clock.  From planning events to executing projects, she’s led hundreds of FedEx volunteers over the years and inspired them to give back to their communities.

Although Janie’s passion for volunteering comes from a selfless and simple desire to help others, she recently received one of the not-for-profit community’s highest honors:  The March of Dimes Woman of Distinction Award.  The March of Dimes works to help more moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies, through education and supporting research.  When asked how it feels to receive the award, Janie smiled and said, “It’s an honor to be recognized and to share that special moment with friends and family.”  She credits her experience at FedEx with preparing her to make deep and long-lasting impressions inside volunteer organizations:  “I use a great deal of the business acumen I’ve developed at FedEx to improve the processes and goals of non-profits to increase their productivity and efficiency.”

Janie first joined the March of Dimes Board in Broward County, Florida, in 2005 and later chaired the board from 2008 through 2014.  For the last three years, she’s personally sponsored the “Champions Tent” for the March for Babies walk.  The tent recognizes those who have helped raise over $1,000 dollars for research into the causes of and ways to prevent premature births.  In 2015 alone, under Janie’s leadership the March of Babies campaign raised over $20,000, up from $6,000 the year before.

Janie also serves as the regional lead for the Palm Beach County Safe Kids Campaign, an initiative dedicated to protecting children from unintentional injuries like those resulting from motor vehicle accidents and sports, and has served in that capacity since 2003.  Her leadership as the southeastern regional volunteer coordinator for the FedEx and Safe Kids “Walk This Way” child pedestrian safety campaign allowed Janie to be chosen as one of ten FedEx employees asked to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange in 2014, when FedEx celebrated its 15th anniversary as a supporter of Safe Kids Worldwide.

In addition to her involvement with the March of Dimes and the Safe Kids Campaign, Janie also actively volunteers for the Lupus Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Kids in Distress’s Duck Derby and the Inlet Bike Race. FedEx and the communities we serve are made better by the efforts of all-star volunteers like Janie Hertan.

For the last 13 years, her work as the Fort Lauderdale market coordinator for the FedEx Cares volunteer initiatives has enabled hundreds of FedEx employees to make lasting impacts in their communities.  But if you ask Janie about the extra workload she’s taken on through volunteering, she says, “It is not volunteer work.”  She call it “volunteer fun” because it bring joy to her life.


    Bryce Tolin says:

    Congratulations Jane, you do wonderful volunteer work!

    Diana Gardella says:

    Bravo Zulu to you Janie! You are an Amazing Person! xox

    Mary Beth Interlandi says:

    Great Job Janie!! You Rock!

    Cynthia Sullivan says:

    Congrats Janie, Janie has one of the most positive attitudes I’ve ever come across! She is very deserving of the recognition!

    Jay Rollins says:

    Janie, you are a role model for selfless giving thru sound leadership and commmitment. Thank you for emriching the lives of others.

    Patricia Mathurin says:

    Keep up the great work Janie!!

    Steve Boyd says:

    Congratulations Janie! I am proud to say that you have been a mentor.

    Vivian Reid says:

    Congratulations Janie, well deserved !!

    John Beadleson says:

    Janie, A great job of giving you time & energy to those in need.

    asha antolick says:

    indeed! i am a grateful recipient for her outstanding support at a time when i needed it….

    Soni says:

    Janie, awesome story, well deserved recognition.

    Karen Roberts-Ashline says:

    Jane, what an honor to read your accomplishments, well deserved recognition. Congratulations.

    Sabine C says:

    Nice story and fantastic dedication, Thank you Janie

    W. L. (Pete) Goss says:

    Janie I couldn’t be more proud of you and your hard earned successes. Love you dearly. Dad

    Faezah says:

    Hi Janie, Congratulations.
    The one who gives is the happiest.Live to Give. Give!

    Maria A Lasher says:

    Janie you have a heart of gold ! You are an Earth Angel ! Well deserved 🙂

    Carrie says:

    Good for you Jane! So proud of all you accomplish! ♡

    Daron Sachs says:

    Congratulations! What a difference you make . . .

    Stephanie francis says:

    Congrats Janie. You are a blessing!!!

    Anthony Walton says:

    Congratulations, Well deserved recognition!!!

    Elana McCall says:

    Janie, You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for all that you do to help make this a better world!!

    Betty says:

    Congratulations, Your caring heart has changed the lives of so many. Thank you. Well deserved. Beautiful granddaughter.

    Joy Kolasa says:

    Janie-You rock! This is so awesome the recognition, but also how much you give back to the community!

    Faith Fishler says:


    John Torok says:

    How steadfast in this cause, well done Jane!

    Marushka Jilek says:

    Congratulations!! Janie

    Jeff Boltjes says:

    BZ to you Janie, congrats and keep up the great work you are doing. Thank-you!

    Daisy Dubash says:

    Congrats Mam. Please keep on Shining

    Chamaraj.S says:

    Congratulations.Great work.

    Geneva Williams says:

    Congratulations Janie. You are such an inspiration to so many. What a well deserved honor!

    Paul Averwater says:

    Jane: Congratulations for a well deserved recognition! It’s good to know you.
    Everbody else: See Jane run. See Jane do good. Do as Jane does!

    Jada says:

    Congratulations, Janie. Well deserved.

    Adrian Smith says:

    Thank you Jane for the work that you do and the inspiration that you provide.

    Trebla Cooke says:

    Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishments, Janie!

    Senthil Kumaravel says:

    You are an inspiration for many like me.

    Roberto Henao says:

    Janie, Congratulations! It’s a laudable contribution that inspires others to go above and beyond.

    Travis Corah says:

    Janie, you are amazing individual. Congratulations on your accomplishments and well deserved recognition!!!

    Lois Burnett says:

    This award could not have gone to a more deserving person than you Jane! I’m proud of your accomplishments and appreciative of the support that I received from you while working in the Sunshine District.


    Congratulations Janie! Thank you for your sustaining show of kindness and generosity to others over the years. A job well done.

    Yoli Secord says:

    Congratulations Janie! Well deserved!!

    Dawn Brothers says:

    Congratulations Janie! Well deserved.

    Vera says:

    Thank you for your service! Congratulations on a well-deserved honor.

    Chris Silvernail says:

    Congratulations Janie. You’re an inspiration to us all.

    Helen Estevez says:

    Congratulations Janie!

    Gerry Sisson says:

    Great Job Janie ! Congratulations. Good to see you doing so well. !!!

    Eddie W. Gray, Jr. says:

    Congrats and BZ Janie! May God continue to Bless You, Your family and Your efforts to serve others!

    Paulette says:

    Janie Congratulations! It’s an awesome award for an awesome person! You always go above and beyond.

    Gloria says:

    Janie!!!! Congratulation! What a pleasure to see you get this honor.

    Toni Kooistra says:

    Janie, congratulations on your well deserved recognition. You have always exemplified the spirit of FedEx through your good works and dedication. Thank you for being such an inspiration and mentor.

    Nasser Khaleel says:

    Janie, you are amazing individual not only as a volunteer, but also with your co-workers. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

    Deborah Taylor says:

    Congratulations! You’re an inspiration to us all.

    Jessica Rezende says:

    Parabéns Janie!! que sua “alegria voluntariá” sirva de exemplo para todos nos!

    Elaine Pucci says:

    Way to go Jane, Congratulations !

    KIM PFEIFFER says:

    Janie, you are an amazing person–well deserved recognition- !!

    Barbara Estrada says:

    Congratulations Jane, this is so well deserved, I am glad you have finally been recognized for all you do with the volunteer work.

    BARBARA says:


    Margaret Marino says:

    Great job Jane glad to see you were recogniized

    Victor Lyn @ TOC says:

    Hey Janie Congrats on the award!!

    Robert Sunseri says:

    Janie you are amazing! Your caring for others is clearly immeasurable. You are a true leader and an inspiration for us all.

    Joe Sheffield says:

    Great Job Janie!

    This kind of effort towards caring of others is what makes FedEx Great!

    BZ to You!


    margaret brown says:

    fantastic job Janie! I see you are still doing amazing work.

    Abel says:

    waoo. great job

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