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Jose Razo Brings Flight-Safety Mentality to Driving

September 3, 2014

Jose Razo started flight school at the age of 18, where he was immediately taught the vital importance of putting safety first. The concept of being safety conscious comes to mind quite naturally when flying high above the earth, as consequences are so obvious in this space.

However, when it comes to driving, there are so many people who drive so often, the result is that they commonly let their guard down far too easily. But Jose Razo has incorporated his flight habits of pre-flight checks, safety protocols and awareness into his daily driving, as a driver with Hernandez Corp., a FedEx Ground independent contractor in Nevada.

Jose recently earned a trip to the National Truck Driving Championships ( by winning the Step Van title on his fourth attempt. Jose, of Hernandez Corp. has been driving professionally for 6 years and has about 190,000 miles on his record without an accident. 

Whether it is skydiving, flying, or driving, Jose says that he incorporates the safety-first culture into his daily life skills. “Just like in flying, a professional driver uses good judgment in order to avoid being forced to use his good driving skills”, Jose says.

Jose has two children, Javier and Xavier. Jose and fiancée Tiffany live in Las Vegas, NV.


First Car?

Silver Isuzu amigo with a boom box duct taped to the dash


Dream Car?

Black Cadillac CTS


Favorite time of day to drive?

In late afternoon when the sun is setting, there’s something magical about the light moving through the mountains. (Plus, I have special memories of driving at that time of day – getting news that my baby had just been born!)


What’s changed most with road travel since you first started driving?

It’s great to see that there’s a lot more focus on pedestrian safety these days.


What invention/improvement would you most like to see on American roads?

I’d love to see more clean emissions vehicles.

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