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Keep ‘Em Flying: Rare Injured Falcon Delivered to Safety

August 27, 2014

One night a few months ago, Juan Fonseco, a security guard on duty at the FedEx airport facility in San Diego, noticed a large bird huddled against a fence. He kept an eye on it, but it didn’t fly away. As dawn approached, he decided to take a closer look, and could see that the unusual-looking bird appeared to be injured. Very carefully, Juan wrapped the bird in his jacket and with the Harbor Police, made arrangements to get it to safety.

His visitor turned out to be a Peregrine Falcon, which was on the Endangered Species list for decades and is now still considered a protected species. The falcon arrived at the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, and as luck would have it, a crew with KPBS, the San Diego Public Television Station, was doing a documentary on the facility. They captured the beautiful bird’s rehabilitation and eventual release back into the wild.

Every day we “keep ‘em flying”… and now we’ve helped do that for our feathered friend as well!

You can watch the PBS story here.

“Our falcon” is in Part II.


    john Kevany says:

    How appropriate that FedEx would play a role in saving a falcon, the model name for the first aircraft we flew in Federal Express’s early days.

    John V. Kevany emp 3041

    Vaibhav says:

    Excellent rescue and release! Yet another success story where FedEx personnel went above and beyond to save a life. Peregrine’s are beautiful birds with amazing speed and grace! Thank you, Juan!

    R. Generke says:

    Give that man a Purple Promise award! Thank you Juan!

    Pamela Sands - FedEx Ground Maint. says:

    Great job by Juan Fonseco and our San Diego facility! Thank you for taking the time to help the falcon and for sharing this story with all of us.

    Cathy Fitzpatrick says:

    Aww, how great. Love that. Thanks Juan.

    Cathy Fitzpatrick says:

    Aww, how great. I love that. Thanks Juan.

    Sarah Rice says:

    Juan, Thank you for helping injury animal!:)

    Mike Torrez says:

    That’s awesome! You’re Juan and a million!

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