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Keep Kids Safe This Halloween

October 30, 2008

As Halloween approaches, I have one challenge for all of us. If only for this one day, put away the cell phone or Blackberry as you drive home. Seriously. Also, forget about snagging a few pieces of Halloween candy from the back seat as you keep half an eye on traffic in front of you. And let’s keep kids safe this Halloween!

Every October, FedEx teams up with Safe Kids USA to promote Halloween safety for child pedestrians. Most people think the greatest danger their children will face on Halloween might have to do with tainted candy or stomach aches from overindulgence. The truth is that child pedestrian injury on Halloween is a much greater danger to the health and well-being of our children.

As volunteers, FedEx team members have shared safety tips with thousands of parents and their ebullient children at Halloween events throughout the country. Here’s one tip that we can all do to keep all the little ghouls and goblins safe on Friday: reduce any distractions inside your car so that you can concentrate on the road.

You might find the commitment to permanently give up talking on your cell phone in the car inconceivable. I won’t ask you to do that. However, let’s all make a pledge to be safer drivers on Halloween night, when children in every community across the USA need our diligence and full attention.

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