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Keeping Dogs Cool: A Post from the Humane Society

November 13, 2009

I wanted to share this special story about FedEx helping service dogs in Afghanistan.  The Humane Society of the United States featured the story on its website and has kindly allowed me to share it with you all here on the FedEx Citizenship blog.

Keeping Dogs Cool
HSUS, HSI help Army working dogs in Afghanistan

Responding to a request from an Army veterinary officer in Afghanistan, The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International, in collaboration with the 50 Degree Company and FedEx, arranged to provide much-needed relief from the extreme heat that military working dogs serving in Afghanistan have to endure.

Hot dogs

Maj. Donna DeBonis was in charge of about 100 working dogs at Kandahar Airfield in southern Afghanistan, where ambient temperatures can reach 130 degrees in daytime. Besides suffering heat stroke, the dogs have also had to deal with enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine) brought on by food that spoils quickly in the crushing heat.

Army veterinarians, medics, and dog handlers had been working gallantly to combat the effects of heat exhaustion and rancid food, but it was clear to Maj. DeBonis that the effects of the extreme working conditions needed to be addressed up front, and she turned to the nation’s largest animal protection organization for help.
Cooling off

In response, The HSUS and its international arm, HSI, arranged to purchase 75 cooling pads and 25 cooling vests with additional cooling packs from the 50 Degree Company, while FedEx generously offered to ship them to Afghanistan for free. The vests help keep the dogs cool by absorbing excess heat from their bodies, allowing them to better regulate their own body temperature. The vests contain a place for inserts that, once charged in ice and water, can reach a temperature of 50 degrees.

The vests and packs enable the dogs to keep working safely for hours without the health risks associated from overheating, while the pads will enable their handlers to carry food with them and avoid spoilage. They also serve as cool resting pads for the dogs.

“Here in southern Afghanistan we all face the highest temperatures imaginable,” said Maj. Debonis, who has since been re-deployed to her home station in Washington State. Our military working dogs are wearing essentially fur coats, so they are extremely prone to heat exhaustion. I am very grateful for the donations from the 50 Degree Company, Humane Society International, and FedEx. These products are exceptional in that they are safe to use, perform as advertised, and will save the lives of the military working dogs.

“Humane Society International is very pleased to be able to help, in some small way, the dogs who serve beside their human handlers to make a dangerous and difficult deployment safer for all,” said Andrew Rowan, Ph.D, president and CEO of HSI.
Support troops

The HSUS and HSI had addressed this issue before, providing assistance to military working dogs in the Middle East. In 2003, the organizations responded to a request from a North Carolina animal protection group to provide cooling vests for dogs from Camp Lejeune, N.C., who were deployed with their Marine Corps handlers to Iraq in the early days of that war.

The HSUS and HSI wish to express their gratitude to Kathryn Doherty of the 50 Degree Company for generously discounting the price of their products for this mission of mercy, and to FedEx Express and the staff of Federal Express Corporate Contributions for providing complimentary shipping of these supplies to Afghanistan.


    Kim Donovan says:

    I am proud to work for a company that would provide services for our canine officers that do such great work for our country and are often forgotten. My cousin was stationed at Kandahar Airfield for 18 months and the conditions can be extreme. This support is invaluable. Go FedEx!

    Rita Brasher says:

    Yet another reason, among many, to be so very proud of the company for which I work. THANK YOU, FedEx!!!

    Rita Brasher says:

    Yet another reason, among many, to be proud of the company for which I work. THANK YOU, FedEx!!

    Pamela Bernbaum says:

    FedEx is so “cool” for doing this! What a great way to contribute to our country, and to support our service men and women (2 and 4 legged kind)!

    Thanks, FedEx!

    FedEx shows once again that it is that rare commodity, a “Corporation with Heart”. Helping the war effort in this manner is a wonderful gesture to all the soldiers, be they human or canine. Bravo Zulu, FedEx!!

    Sherri Shields says:

    This is why I love our company!

    I think Fedex is awsome for taking care of our
    canines. Our guys overseas fighting for our country deserve our support!

    Great job Fedex!

    Kris Donovan says:

    FedEx helps so many charities and it warms my heart to know we help the animals, too! Great story – keep ’em coming! Thanks FedEx!!!

    barbara brown says:

    i participate in rottweiler anything further needed for the dog soldiers..will gladly raise awareness here at wwda

    David Lai says:

    Now they need to work on getting these dogs work booties. Their paws/pads need protection from the harsh terrain. Hopefully my post will inspire this to reality. I still recall visions of work dogs searching through the steel debris of 9/11 without any paw protection.

    Wayne Bert says:

    It is COOL that Fed Ex helped! I am proud to work for a company that cares..

    Melissa Eberhardt says:

    This caught my eye and am very proud of FedEx for providing these services. I am huge contributor to animal charities and this touched my heart. Thanks FedEx for helping our animals servicing on the front lines!They keep our men and women safe they deserve all they can get!

    Pamela Rumble says:

    I am so pround to work for Federal Express, a very generous company that provides this kind and very neccesary service to our dedicated and loyal canine friends. Also,FedEx donated to the Memphis Humane Society, a no-kill shelter in Memphis, TN. Thank you FedEx! You are the best!

    Diana says:

    I am a animal lover and Fedex thank you!!!!!

    Renee Kittredge says:

    What a great thing to do for our little friends!!! Was wondering how much these vest cost? or who I can get intouch with to maybe get some more donations. Thank you Renee

    martin says:

    I wanna say that fedex is one of the greatest company in the world, I am proud for that I can join fedex family….

    Kari Sarris says:

    This is so “cool”. I’m also glad to be a part of a company that focuses on the solution not the problem. FedEx dog lover.

    Scott Towe says:

    I am a retired military kennelmaster, and currently work for FedEx. I’m pleased to have been affiliated with the canine corps in the military, and to see the support my present company provides to the servicemembers (human and canine)of my previous employers. It’s great to have served on the two teams that are top of their field!

    Jose L. Rodriguez says:

    I’m so glad we (FedEx) are contributing to helping mans best friend..These wonderful animals work so hard its the least we can do..

    Don Davidson says:

    I would like to thank FedEx for the support of our Military and Contract Working Dogs and Handlers. When shipping foods, supplies and medications the items have very specific time and temperature requirements. A failure by the shipping company to maintain these narrow ranges not only may cause the loss of the expensive materials but can cause mission failure or the loss of the K-9 resource, The loss may be become the dog is rendered ill due to spoiled foods or ruined medications. FedEx has taken the responsibly seriously, Time after time FedEx has met or exceeded our shipping needs of these Mission Critical items. I would like to thank everyone within FedEx from the counter person I work with to the drivers, material handlers, pilots, ground crews and internal staff. Your dedication and professionalism is present everyday on the frontline!

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