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King Tut Antiquities Take Flight in World Tour

by Jason Baker

March 20, 2018

FedEx Moves King Tut Artifacts from City of Angels to City of Lights

March 20, 2019

FedEx is no stranger to transporting precious cargo. From Super Bowl trophies to giant pandas, we’ve delivered a variety of high-value shipments over the years using our powerful global network that includes 670 aircraft, more than 185,000 vehicles and 450,000 team members.

You can add to the list a collection of 3,000-year-old King Tut artifacts.

Presented by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and IMG, KING TUT: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh marks the largest assembly of artifacts from the Boy King’s tomb ever on display outside of Egypt.

As the official logistics provider of the 10-city international tour, FedEx transported almost 32,000 pounds of priceless relics from Los Angeles to Paris in advance of the March 23rd exhibit opening at the Grande halle de La Villette.

FedEx Custom Critical, a FedEx Logistics company that specializes in the delivery of critical shipments, teamed with FedEx Express on a custom plan that included a FedEx Express 777 charter flight dedicated to moving the artifacts and exhibition materials. Custom Critical also arranged for temperature-controlled ground transportation and the use of SenseAware devices to track location and monitor temperature, humidity and light exposure throughout transit.

Watch the video and browse the image gallery for exclusive, behind-the-scenes access of this specialized operation.

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Comments on King Tut Antiquities Take Flight in World Tour

    ROMEO says:

    All These Years And He Still Lives ‼️ A GOD in Real Life

    Elba says:

    This is history! Wow! I wish I can be there to see it all!

    michele elcox says:

    This is so amazing…..

    Adam says:

    Great Pictures!!

    Chris Kosiak says:

    As a huge history buff I’m so excited that you shared that with us. This is so cool. I have seen the Tut exhibit at the Fields Museum in Chicago and that was awesome. Just wish someone would’ve asked me for my help with the antiquities. So cool they trust my company with this.

    Magda Lozano says:

    My name is Magda and I’m a Logistics Coordinator at FedEx Ground-SmartPost. I’m so proud of how FedEx handled these special artifacts. GREAT TEAM WORK!!!!

    I’m considering flying to LA just to see this exhibition and brag that the company I work for performed the task of transporting King Tut’s Treasures. Super Proud!!!!

    Anonymous says:

    Got tickets! Cannot wait to see the exhibit in April.

    Kristie says:

    Great to see the process of what it takes to transport such valuable and historical items to get from one point to the next. Great job to the entire team!

    Ramona says:

    What a great work, congrats FedEx!

    PJ says:

    I’m excited to go see it for myself!!!

    Tim Watts says:

    Great Job Everyone for taking great care of Mr Tut antiquities , showing the world FedEx is an amazing company putting ours customers first . If King Tut were alive today Im sure he would be impressed and use FedEx ! Tim Burnaby YBY canada

    Tamela Brown says:

    I enjoyed watching the video so awesome and exciting. Go FedEx!!

    kim genova says:

    I wish to do the same! I saw the exhibit in NYC as a child and now wish to see it in LA! Amazing job with great care and trust placed in FedEx

    sandy hutton says:

    once again, so proud to work for a company that does so much!

    LUIS ALBERTO says:

    Muy buen trabajo compañeros ,excelente en poner el nombre de FedEx como el numero 1 .

    Deanna Day-Turner says:

    I saw the King Tut exhibit here in Dallas. It was absolutely fabulous to see. Just to see how the jewelry and the different canister were made and how they are made now. His chair as a child, his sarcophagus. If you are in L.A. and have a chance go see the history of King Tut you will glad you did.

    sharon barnett says:


    Danielle Morton says:

    I’m so proud to work for an amazing company that is always giving and giving more to people. FedEx Express is a great company to work for and knowing that we help and give and help more means that we do care as a whole. Watching the King Tut travel through FedEx is an awesome thing to be a part of.
    Keep up the great works FEDEX!!!

    Yolanda DiFrancisco says:

    I went to see this exhibit in San Francisco some years back and it was amazing to be able to experience it. Now they are back with even more history to share with the world. I hope I can once again see it. I am also honored to be working for the company that was trusted with one of Egypt’s greatest treasures. It says a lot about FedEx and its quality of care with customers shipments.

    Dale Dudik says:

    Executed with surgical precision. Amazing teamwork! Great job everyone!

    Darrell Crawford says:

    I always enjoy these videos showing how we have moved something like this. It shows us in other OpCo’s the precision of Custom Critical and that if it needs to be moved, call on FedEx and we will find a way to move it. #purplepromise

    Cindy Curry says:

    I saw the King TUT tour in the 1980s in San Francisco, CA and it is definitely on tour everyone should see.

    JOANIE YOUNG (Shotsie) says:

    AMAZING Would love to see the tour

    Sharon G Miller says:

    Was lucky enough to see the exhibit back in the ’70’s and looking forward to seeing it next month at the Science Museum! Gives me a “hitch in my giddy up” that FedEx was chosen to handle the critical shipping for these priceless artifacts. That shows immense trust in our brand.

    Christine Mitchell says:

    I have a question, was there a special security team on this project? I guess I just think about all the bad action movies I’ve seen where masked bandits steal the world’s rarest treasures. Just curious! Amazing job FedEx!

    Teresa B HYATT says:

    We had no idea of the traveling Exhibit. Please keep updated, we are noe retired, and ready to explore.. THANKS FEDEX! SO MUCH MORE THAN A DELIVERING COMPANY!!

    Dario Trejo says:

    Just amazed how FedEx is in charge of this kind of operations, i´m new in the company, but i´m very proud to work here! Im from Mexico, we know how important culture objects are, and even more to move things like this, just crazy!

    Valérie Benquet says:

    So proud to see that FedEx is in charge of an amazing part of history of Humanity. Congratulations to all teams!


    Trully exciting, thanks to Fedex tools, he has the world under his feet once more, WONDERFUL THING

    Eckhardt Kotze says:

    WOW! this is so great to see this please bring it to South Africa. Well done teams!

    Ian McMinn says:

    You often don’t think of what goes on behind the scenes in order for us to view these stunning museum exhibits. Congratulations Fed-Ex for an amazing feat!

    Miguel Sauceda says:

    It great to see the FEDEX team doing what we do best. I love history so this got my attention on our home page. I will be making the 4 hour drive to see the exibit. Great job FEDEX team!

    Gail DeSha says:


    Sri Koduri says:

    Amazing team work and execution!!! BZ to everyone involved.

    Thank you for sharing the video on what happens behind the scenes.

    Janas Jackson says:

    I visited the remarkable King Tut exhibit while on vacation in Los Angeles last year. It gives me great pride to know that FedEx was the “Company of Choice” in transporting the exhibit to its next destination. Go FedEx!!!

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