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Krista – Tail 613FE

December 2, 2008

It’s 22:23 MEM time and Krista has just returned home. She has been gone for four days and the good news is she is 17 minutes earlier than we expected her.  During her absence she has been to Ancorage, Alaska, Seoul, South Korea, Hong Kong, Subic Bay in the Phillipines, Singapore and her last stop was in Osaka, Japan.

Krista by the way is the name painted on the side of one of our aircraft.  It is tail 613FE which is an MD11.  It is one of the largest planes in our fleet and can carry up to 97 tons of packages.  It just arrived from Osaka, Japan and its non-stop mission is the longest of the 140 aircraft coming in to MEM tongiht.  It left 11:30 minutes ago and just touched down.  It is carrying 6,261 pieces of precious cargo and in less than 4 hours those packages will be leaving MEM destined for various locations around the world.

Back to the name, Krista.  Everytime we get a new aircraft we christen it with the name of a child of a FedEx employee.  Names are submitted and the lucky one is drawn and that plane will carry the name on each of its missions.  Its another way we personalize our business.  Our employees are our People in the People-Service-Profit philosophy which is at the core of our success.

Krista won’t be here long.  She is headed to Europe in the morning. We can’t wait til she comes home again.

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