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Latest Edition of Access Magazine

April 22, 2013

The latest edition of Access Magazine is fresh off the presses, and this year’s copy is bursting with fascinating stories, interesting interviews and informative data to show how Access is shaping our world.

We take a trip to India and the Middle East to speak with two companies that are approaching Access in very different ways. Mumbai-based Bollywood visionary, Ranjit Thakur, head of Scrabble Entertainment discusses how he took the opportunity to own the process for digitally mastering and distributing Hollywood and Bollywood content in India. Then we travel to Lucknow, India to see how Organic India is taking the world by storm, focusing on quality products and a robust supply chain to bring India’s best organic teas and herbal health products to the world.

Unique Vintage founder Katie Echeverry offers a few time-tested tips for global access. Katie’s business, which gives new life to formal dresses from the 1920s to the 1960s, has had its wares featured on TV shows such as “Glee” and in the pages of Glamour.

Other tidbits include a one-on-one with Kevin Kelly, author and co-founder of tech magazine Wired, who shares his thoughts on the relationship between trade and technology. Another new feature is the inaugural “Access 20,” a list that investigates the 20 most intriguing ideas defining global commerce for 2013. Finally, we shine the spotlight on South Korea to discover how this country is becoming a mecca for business owners looking to trade their products thanks in part to a new trade agreement with the U.S.

All these stories and more can be found in the new Access magazine and on line at


    MayLyn says:

    I so enjoyed reading my first access magazine from FedEx! I got so much information and I’m so pleased with how much I learned! Thank you FedEx for having this wonderful access program! I enjoy it!

    paige rich says:

    Oh, thanks for a great guarentee

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