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Let Them Eat Cake!

February 25, 2011

“These cakes are my babies, last night I dreamed that I decided to ride from Baltimore to Miami in the back of the FedEx truck just to watch over them.” – Duff Goldman, Charm City Cakes (“Ace of Cakes”)

OK, I must confess: I’m not a foodie. A glass of sweet tea and a burger usually suit me just fine. But in my life I’ve found that I’m pretty much constantly surrounded by foodies, so I’ve come to better understand them and the chefs that “support” them. The passion for creativity and pushing the limits of possibility is a common theme among the most successful chefs and bakers.

That’s why I was excited to witness some of this creative energy in person, when The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival turned to FedEx to help make some very special deliveries this week.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the festival, 10 of the most successful bakers in America created elaborate cake masterpieces for the festival’s premier “Let Them Eat Cake” event. The only problem? How to get those masterpieces to Miami. The challenge was to ensure the cakes made it to the festival quickly, to preserve their freshness, while also remaining intact and undamaged.

That’s where FedEx Custom Critical came in. Using two refrigerated trucks and its signature “White Glove” service, a team of four drivers delivered 51 sheet cakes, dozens of cupcakes, all sorts of custom chocolates, several large cake forms (including a giant cupcake pink Flamingo) and a 10 foot tall chocolate cone tower.

These delicacies started their journey with a pickup at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday in New York before heading to Baltimore and DC, with one final pickup in Orlando before their mouth-watering delivery in Miami on Friday morning at 8:00am, just in time for the special event hosted by Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse.

While many were amazed that these enormous cakes could be delivered 1,300 miles in under such a short timeframe, the cake makers themselves were not. Sophie LaMontagne from Georgetown Cupcake (you might know her from TV show “DC Cupcakes”) told us, “We use FedEx for all of our shipments, but I wasn’t sure what to do last fall when the Oprah Winfrey Show requested that some cupcakes be delivered on the same day for her show. That was when FedEx Custom Critical stepped in to make it happen. It was absolutely amazing.”

After his pickup was complete, Chef Jacques Torres declared in his distinct French accent, “Only Air Force One beats the FedEx Custom Critical White Glove Service!”

After seeing the dedication of these culinary artisans over the past couple of days, I just might be on the road to becoming a foodie myself.

Visit our Facebook page for photos and our Newsroom for further details.

*The proceeds from the festival go to Florida International University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and the Southern Wine & Spirits Beverage Management Center.


    Jennifer Roach says:

    It was a real pleasure to meet you, Jason, and all of the FedEx crew who took such great care of us and our sugary cargo. We had a blast at the event and certainly couldn’t have done it without you! Many thanks…
    – Jennifer Roach, Colette’s Cakes

    Sharron says:

    Any chance we can get copies of the pictures you took?

    We really enjoyed this run! :o)

    Jaime Gaines says:

    I LOVE DUFF! he’s the best! thats why they call him the ace of cakes! and I am so happy to hear that fedex met his expectations with outstanding review! YAY FEDEX!

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