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Ride Along in the AIDS LifeCycle with Cyclists from Team FedEx

July 22, 2016

Join the cyclists from Team FedEx to see what it’s like to train for and ride a bike 545 miles in one week.

Louie Butler, captain of Team FedEx, shares his training and motivation for bicycling the AIDS LifeCycle fundraising ride that travels California’s Pacific coast, redwood forests, and lush farmland from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

AIDS LifeCycle raises money and awareness for the HIV and AIDS services of the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.


    Emmanuel Paliungas says:


    What an Awesome thing you are doing. I run a non-profit (Bicycle Angels) that loans bicycles to participants of charity ride events that do not have a suitable bike to use. We have expanded to the San Francisco Bay area last year and have 8 bikes out to participants of ALC. In the Los Angeles area we have over 60 bikes out. If you have someone that wishes to do the ride and needs a bike for next year, please contact us and maybe we can help them out. We do have a limited number of bikes to loan out though. My email is


    John Hinckley says:

    Way to go Louie !!!!! I’m glad to be riding this year. Can’t wait !!

    Rosemary Paden says:

    You’re a rock star, Louie. I’m so proud of you!

    Anyarat D. says:


    Dalton Aescshlimann says:

    Awesome!! Also, where can we get a FedEx cycling jersey like that?

    milton john says:

    Very nice .

    Diane Lovelace says:

    Awesome cuz! Way to go Louie!

    Ayub bhatti says:

    Nice service very nice

    Angel Torrence says:

    We’re very proud of you Big Brother! Virgil and I will pledge our support this weekend.

    Wilson Osptiia says:

    i love the cycling too, it’s my life

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