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Gear, Gadgets, and Grub. Everything A Guy Craves, Sealed In A Wooden Crate.

December 13, 2016

Cheap cologne, a new tie, or a generic gift card. The gift for the man in your life has often been the butt of jokes and considered a thoughtless gesture. Stepping up gift giving for guys was Jonathan Beekman’s mission when he created his e-commerce company Man Crates in 2011 in his small two-bedroom apartment in Palo Alto, California.

Jonathan Beekman posing next to a Man Crate“Growing up my family would give gifts in really outlandish ways. I remember as a high school senior my mom came into my Spanish class dressed as a clown to celebrate my birthday. There’s some things you don’t forget”, says Beekman.

He brought that same spirit of surprise, delight, “one up-man-ship” to the way Man Crates does gifts.

Beekman continues, “We make awesome gifts for guys. We take awesome gear, gadgets, grub, pack it into wooden crates and ship every crate with a crowbar so the guy will actually have to rip the gift open with his bare hands. It’s really fun. It’s totally unique and a fun experience for all of our customers.”

Man Crates was an instant hit, generating nearly $500 thousand in revenue its first full year. The company’s online holiday presence helped catapult growth the following year by 439 percent, with revenue of $22 million in 2015. This landed Man Crates on the INC 500 list, and directed even more attention to the company’s “bragworthy” gifts, including the smash and grab gift card where a gift card is encased in a concrete block. Man Crates also offers a heart-shaped box of jerky for Valentine’s Day, and gift wrapping in what the company calls “diabolical duct tape,”—as if requiring a crowbar to open the crate wasn’t tough enough!

Beekman concludes, “We’re reminding people that gift giving isn’t an obligation, it’s an opportunity to have fun together. Man Crates is much more than just shipping crates to guys around the country, it’s about keeping our customers connected to the people that they care about, and doing that in a way that’s tastefully irreverent, and also light-heartedly sincere.”


    Gary says:

    I received a ‘Man Crate’ this year for my birthday. Contained a variety of exotic beef jerky. A fun, unique gift for sure.

    Renee K Aven says:

    I just heard about this from a friend that sent this to my nephew. He love it! I almost sent to my boss for Xmas but settled for something for him and his family. Next Boss’s day but for sure my brothers and husband. Great idea!!

    Nikki Hudson says:

    I love these and I ordered one for the guy in my life for Christmas. I love the different gift sets from beard kits to taco mania kits to sports. They are packed with everything a man will love and use! I also paid the extra to have his crate diabolically wrapped in duct tape, how entertaining this is going to be for me to watch him open it. I have been recommending them to my friends, one has already ordered one from me telling her about it. Great product, especially when your looking for that extra something to give.

    Deb Clewer says:

    This is an awesome idea. I’m getting three.

    Rita Yee says:

    This is certainly one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ventures! While a little pricey for me, I did think this was an ingenious idea!

    Moises M. says:

    Wow, never knew this company existed. In 5 yrs the company boomed to multimillion dollar status. I just placed an order as a gift to dad. Can’t wait to see his expression.

    Diego Salazar says:

    Congratulations, a great idea!!!

    William says:

    I just found this on facebook would like to know if you have a catalog so that i may order

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