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Meet Hannah, Namesake of the First FedEx Express 767F

October 31, 2013

FedEx Express has a long tradition of naming planes after the children of employees. For more than 30 years, every trunk plane in the FedEx fleet has been named after an employee’s child via drawing and the child’s name is painted prominently on the front of each aircraft. 

Meet Hannah.

Hannah is the official namesake of the first FedEx Boeing 767F, which officially entered the FedEx fleet in September 2013.  Hannah is the daughter of Tim Mineweaser, who has been an aircraft mechanic with FedEx Express for 12 years.  He recently relocated with FedEx from Memphis, TN to Allentown, PA with his wife Melissa and two children, Hannah and Jacob.  

Hannah is 7 years old and in the second grade. She loves playing soccer and animals. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

While living in Memphis, the Mineweaser family attended the FedEx Express 777 Family Day to welcome the new B777F into the fleet and Hannah said, “I hope that I get to name a plane one day.” Well, in September 2013, Hannah’s wish came true and a plane was named after her.

Hannah was very excited to learn that she was going to have a plane named after her. Her initial reaction of stunned silence turned into excitement once her dad showed her a picture of the plane on his phone. Once she learned that she was going to Memphis to see the plane, her excitement turned to giddiness and she was ready to pack her bags.

 “Having a plane named after your child is truly an honor for any FedEx employee,” said Tim Mineweaser.  “It is particularly exciting for us to know that FedEx’s first 767 will be named after our first born. We know that the potential and the places this new aircraft will go are as limitless as the achievements that our Hannah will accomplish.”



    Janet Palardy says:

    This is such a honor to you and your daughter! So happy for you all! : )


    Great story – cool pictures too! Congrats Hannah!

    Jimmy W. Woods says:

    That is so Cool.

    Val Paulson says:

    Congratulations to Hannah and her family !

    scott johnson says:

    Great story! Thanks for sharing about this!

    Cristen Ransom says:

    Congratulations Hannah! Cool story!

    Paul Wibbels says:

    Congrats to Hannah and her family from SDFR.

    Portia Neal says:

    heartwarming story!

    Tim Mineweaser says:

    Thanks to all for your great comments! It is truly an honor for me and my family. Hannah was really moved when she was presented with the B767 model, she said to me, “This is the greatest day!!” (she even had some joyful tears 🙂 A great moment for us and for FedEx!!

    Tracy A. Campbell says:

    Congrats Hannah 🙂 ******Reach for the Stars****** Hugs, from Tracy @PKBA

    Terry Johnson says:

    Congratulations. I think it’s sooo neat to see the names on the planes. I try to look for the names every chance I get to see a FedEx plane

    Kashif Zia says:

    Congratulations Hannah! I know the feeling to have the first 767 named after you because the first 777 N850D is named after my son “SAAD.” Your wish came true just liked mine seeing the names of childrens on the plane. I’m very happy for you and your family…

    RHONDA JONES says:

    This is one of the reasons I love working for this company. This is truley part of PSP…loving the PEOPLE that work for the company. Congrats Hannah and Family!!!

    Regina Watson says:

    Congrats Hannah, Just had this a/c in
    Indianapolis Hangar for family day a
    month or so ago. Very nice Plane now
    I have a face to go with it. I will think
    of you everytime I see or work this a/c
    She is flying strong seeing the world with your name on Her.

    Eric Sergeant says:

    Congratulations to Hannah,for a child this must be super to know that her name will fly high in the air every day again and again!!! Greetings from Belgium/KNOA

    Bonnie Doss says:

    Congratulation’s Hannah!! What an honor! Watch the sky’s to try and spot Hannah flying over. Have fun sharing your story with all your friends now and in the future.

    bonnie doss

    Kelly Rausch says:

    This is a story that makes me PROUD to work this company!!!

    Christine Lucas says:

    Hannah, we all enjoyed meeting you, Jacob and your parents while you were visiting Scott Ogden’s suite. Your name will be seen alll over the world for years to come. Congratulations on this honor!

    Krista Hogan says:

    Congratulations Hannah! Your plane will see the world – such a cool story to share with your friends! All the best to you and your family from Memphis!

    Cheryl Haskell says:

    Congratulations Hannanh and Tim and family! We were at a FedEx function in Memphis and were thrilled to be invited to see your airplane event! Brian I both work at FedEx in Green Bay. We saw you at breakfast at the motel and said hi! Your airplane took our breath away! A heart touching experience!

    Kari Burge says:

    This is such a wonderful story. Congratulations Hannah!

    Kim Harcher says:

    Congratulations Hannah from Kim at SWFCE!!!

    Panos Schaefer says:

    Congratulations Hannah!!What a great honor for you.Be proud of this achievement.Regards from Greece/ATH.

    Alper Ture says:

    What a beatiful name to a beatiful flight

    P.S: Pegasus Airlines in Turkey do have the same concept and they name their flights with their employee’s children’s names.

    Natasha King says:

    Congratulations Hannah! From YXEA in Northern Canada.

    Sidney Crutcher says:

    Congrats Hannah!!! It was nice reading your story. I have a son in the Airforce and he is studying aircraft mechanics like your father. I hope he gets a chance to work for Fedex or maybe fly a plane with his child’s name on it one day.

    Cheryl H. Rothfield says:


    What a momentous occasion!!!!!!!!!!
    You and your Father will have a great
    shared memory in the years to come.
    Your Mother and family will also share your joy.

    Take photographs.
    Smile always!

    Cheryl H. Rothfield
    Sr. Customer Service Agent
    #220010 ORDRT Chicago

    Samuel Z. Rothfield
    Global Sales Analyst
    O’Hare Airport/Chicago

    James says:

    That’s the exact aircraft used for the 767 training video (tail #101)

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