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August 11, 2011

FedEx is proud of our state champion drivers and contractors, who are competing this weekend in the National Truck Driving Championships!

A driver must be accident-free for one year and hold all licensure for their class of truck to be eligible for competition.  Drivers are tested in three areas: current rules and regulations, a pre-trip inspection and driving skills course.  They must also compete against other drivers in their state and win first place to move on to the NTDC.

You may know that they are amazingly skilled behind the wheel, but do you know their favorite diner or stretch of road? Take a look below for a peek behind the wheel at just SOME of our champions (full list below):

ntdc profiles top
ntdc profiles bottom

The full list of our 2011 FedEx state champion drivers and contractors: (Back to top)


Allen SohnFedEx FreightIA4-AxleDriver
Andre KazouhFedEx FreightVA5-AxleDriver
Andy JamesFedEx GroundNHStep VanContractor
Anthony Van DelftFedEx FreightMDTwinsDriver
Art Corral JrFedEx FreightNVStep VanContractor
Aryn PittawayFedEx ExpressTXStep VanDriver
Ben NoschangFedEx ExpressKYStep VanDriver
Bill AdkinsFedEx FreightWV4-AxleDriver
Bob HindsFedEx GroundWAStep VanContractor
Bob LedouxFedEx ExpressMAStep VanDriver
Bob PetersenFedEx ExpressAZ4-AxleDriver
Bruce KennedyFedEx ExpressVTStep VanDriver
Cass BresetteFedEx Custom CriticalVT5-Axle SleeperContractor’s Driver
Cecil HicksFedEx FreightNCFlatbedDriver
Chad StahnkeFedEx ExpressNMStraight TruckDriver
Charlie SalterFedEx FreightAL4-AxleDriver
Chris GoddardFedEx ExpressVT5-AxleDriver
Chris OutenFedEx FreightOR3-AxleDriver
Chris RapschFedEx ExpressMNStep VanDriver
Chris ShawFedEx ExpressNMStep VanDriver
Chris TandeFedEx GroundNDStep VanContractor’s Driver
Christopher NovakFedEx ExpressVTFlatbedDriver
Chuck DiGiovanniFedEx GroundPAStep VanContractor’s Driver
Clifford McConicoFedEx FreightKSTwinsDriver
Cruz VazquezFedEx FreightCTStraight TruckDriver
Dan ShamrellFedEx FreightOR4-AxleDriver
Dan ThompsonFedEx FreightALTwinsDriver
Daryl BarnettFedEx FreightIDStraight TruckDriver
Dave MageeFedEx FreightTNTankDriver
Dave MoglerFedEx FreightCOTwinsDriver
David ProctorFedEx FreightKY3-AxleDriver
Dean HarrisFedEx FreightKSStep VanDriver
Don LoganFedEx FreightKSTankDriver
Don SmithFedEx GroundMSStep VanContractor
Doug DavidsonFedEx GroundMIStep VanContractor’s Driver
Dubby FreemanFedEx GroundSCStep VanContractor
Ed OakesFedEx FreightCTTwinsDriver
Erik LillebergFedEx GroundMT3-AxleContractor’s Driver
Gary MartinFedEx GroundCATwinsContractor
Gary RamseyFedEx ExpressALStep VanDriver
Gragg WilsonFedEx FreightNVTankDriver
Greg SamsFedEx FreightFL3-AxleDriver
J.R. ArgoFedEx GroundDEStep VanContractor’s Driver
James SheehanFedEx GroundTNStep VanContractor
Janet HoardFedEx ExpressKYStraight TruckDriver
Jay MillerFedEx FreightKSStraight TruckDriver
Jeff ThompsonFedEx FreightKSFlatbedDriver
Jeremy AltFedEx FreightID4-AxleDriver
Jerry AvossaFedEx FreightSC3-AxleDriver
Jerry LambertFedEx FreightORTwinsDriver
Jerry PughFedEx FreightWVFlatbedDriver
Jim BurmeschFedEx ExpressWIFlatbedDriver
Jim EricksonFedEx FreightNJ5-AxleDriver
Jim FisherFedEx FreightMI5-AxleDriver
Jim RudFedEx FreightORStraight TruckDriver
Joe CarsonFedEx FreightILTankDriver
Joe HonekFedEx FreightND3-AxleDriver
John ClouserFedEx FreightMI3-AxleDriver
John LugoFedEx GroundNVStraight TruckContractor
Keith TowneFedEx ExpressCTStep VanDriver
Kenny DavisFedEx ExpressGA5-Axle SleeperDriver
Kirt HartshornFedEx GroundAKStep VanContractor’s Driver
Larry KendallFedEx ExpressOK4-AxleDriver
Lester BebenFedEx FreightNJ5-Axle SleeperDriver
Louie HermidaFedEx FreightNMTwinsDriver
Luis SotoFedEx ExpressFL4-AxleDriver
Mark BrundageFedEx ExpressVAStep VanDriver
Mark DuensingFedEx FreightMITwinsDriver
Martin McDonaldFedEx FreightALFlatbedDriver
Marty GoodellFedEx Custom CriticalVTStraight TruckContractor
Matt HartFedEx FreightNV3-AxleDriver
Mike BillsFedEx ExpressNCStep VanDriver
Mike GuancialeFedEx ExpressNY3-AxleDriver
Mike HausnerFedEx FreightMOStep VanDriver
Mike WhiteheadFedEx FreightSDTankDriver
Mike WoltzFedEx ExpressMDStep VanDriver
Milton HebertFedEx FreightLATankDriver
Nick ParadisoFedEx GroundORStep VanContractor’s Driver
Pat RudesillFedEx GroundLA5-Axle SleeperContractor
Patrick CorrenteFedEx ExpressOKStep VanDriver
Patrick NergerFedEx ExpressNV5-AxleDriver
Paul BookFedEx GroundLAStep VanContractor
Paul BrandonFedEx FreightCTTankDriver
Paul ButkowskiFedEx FreightMN3-AxleDriver
Paul RoeFedEx GroundARStep VanContractor’s Driver
Paul SwanFedEx FreightCO4-AxleDriver
Randy ByrdFedEx FreightMSTwinsDriver
Randy MerleFedEx FreightNY4-AxleDriver
Randy SchwasingerFedEx FreightIDStep VanDriver
Ray SheltonFedEx FreightSCFlatbedDriver
Rene MolinaryFedEx ExpressFLStraight TruckDriver
Rich GrayFedEx FreightMATwinsDriver
Richard O’BrienFedEx FreightMO4-AxleDriver
Rick AlbrittonFedEx ExpressFLStep VanDriver
Roland BolducFedEx ExpressMATankDriver
Ross GarnerFedEx FreightAL3-AxleDriver
Russ NormanFedEx GroundAZStep VanContractor’s Driver
Russell BeachlerFedEx FreightOK5-AxleDriver
Scott BrownFedEx FreightOH5-Axle SleeperDriver
Scott WattsFedEx ExpressAZ3-AxleDriver
Scott WoodromeFedEx FreightOHFlatbedDriver
Sean SaxonFedEx GroundAZStraight TruckContractor
Shay GibsonFedEx FreightILStep VanDriver
Tamra O’MealyFedEx ExpressUTStep VanDriver
Tim ColeFedEx GroundWIStep VanContractor’s Driver
Tim MillerFedEx FreightIDTwinsDriver
Tom GriffinFedEx FreightCT5-AxleDriver
Tom MillerFedEx FreightMTStraight TruckDriver
Tommy BoyantonFedEx FreightMS3-AxleDriver
Tommy WinstonFedEx FreightSCTankDriver
Tony EllisonFedEx FreightTNStraight TruckDriver
Tony MalloyFedEx GroundINStep VanContractor
Tony SinghFedEx GroundCOStep VanContractor’s Driver
Troy AstrandeFedEx ExpressCAStep VanDriver
Xavier TheriotFedEx FreightLATwinsDriver


    Krista Hogan says:

    Go Team FedEx!! Rock the National Truck Driving Championships this weekend! We are proud of you!

    Traci Stubblefield says:

    I’m here with all of these champions at the NTDC and let me just tell you that I’ve never seen a group of people more dedicated to safety and their profession. This event blows the stereotype of a truck driver out of the water! I love working for a company like FedEx who honors their drivers and contractors for their OBSESSION with safety!

    Congratulations to all of our FedEx drivers and contractors!

    PAtrick A Corrente says:

    Indy was a great learning experience for the NTDC! The ‘Great learning experience’ was dwarfed by the wonderful mentoring, the selfless hard work of all
    volunteers & all who made this possible. This includes all the unsung heroes
    behind the scenes or those not in the limelight. From the water-bearers, to
    those on the course, to all the coordinators, to those photographers, & to
    all those we don’t even know about. They all gave so we drivers could shine
    & bask in the glory as champions! Hail to all the bright stars who shown in
    the background, in a lesser light, so we could have our moment in glory!

    Traci, all at FedEx will continue to be benefited, knowingly or not, through
    your new position; yet, you will sorely be missed at this venue! And, yes Scott Mugno,you still are my hero (in a manly way)! Patrick A.
    Corrente – 2011 Oklahoma Step Van Champion.

    Aryn Pittaway says:

    Everyone has a different story to share. That is the awesomeness of bringing all the champions together. We all bring different things to the table and this is how super safe and highly skilled drivers learn. Team FedEx grows and becomes better every year beacause of the things that we are taught and teach others. There is one thing that I know, and everyone has heard it before, you learn a lot by teaching others and watching others. When you teach, its embedded into your brain repeatedly and when you watch others you learn from their skills or learn what not to do-whichever is the case. At any rate, those of you that read the various blogs and keep up with them, start jotting down a few items about yourself and/or questions that you may have about getting involved in the Championships. Thanks-Aryn Pittaway

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