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Memphis Diversity Walks

August 21, 2009

This is the roof of the Memphis World Hub. In August, this is a hot place to be, but I’m going to spend 36 hours here on the roof  in support of Freeland, a youth camp supported by Diversity Memphis.

FedEx has been a presenting sponsor for the Annual Diversity Memphis Walks since they began. My boss, Bill Logue, was one of the founding members.

FedEx has been involved in these multicultural walks since 1999 because we believe that the time and place for diversity is all the time and in every place. Established in 2005, Diversity Memphis is a human relations organization dedicated to bringing people together regardless of their cultural, religious or racial differences. Diversity Memphis promotes tolerance and respect for all with the hope that greater understanding and acceptance of one another will make each of us stronger and lead our city to be a better place for everyone.

Camp Freeland is camp for youth in 10th – 12th grade to learn about diversity and how to make Memphis a better place for all. It is one of the outstanding activities that Diversity Memphis supports. Diversity Memphis also works through walks, cultural festivals, multi-faith dialogues and other programs to teach tolerance and promote the concept that our cultural, religious and racial differences are to be embraced.  I’m going to be up on the roof of the Memphis World Hub from 22:00 on August 28 through 10:00 on August 28th in support of Camp Freeland and Diversity Memphis Walk. You can learn more about Diversity Memphis on their website at

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