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Mexico Connects For Growth

April 14, 2015

Business owner & FedEx courier exchange in Mexican greenhouse

“Infrastructure is the trigger”

“We provide the connectivity and access for Mexican businesses worldwide,” Jorge Torres, president of FedEx Express Mexico told delegates to The Economist Mexico Business Summit in Paris. “Whether it’s mezcal from Oaxaca, shoes from Guanajuato, textiles from Aguascalientes, handicrafts from Puebla—we connect them with buyers in France or America or Japan. We use all forms of multimodal transport – rail, road, air and the ports – to give them access to global markets. It’s a win-win situation.”

With trade agreements in place with 45 other countries, Mexico’s opportunities for future economic growth are huge, agreed delegates at the summit. The key is having the right infrastructure in place to help create a world-class logistics network, and Mexico is well on its way with 117 seaports, 64 international airports and 49 customs ports of entry.

Jorge Torres, President of FedEx Express Mexico, speaks at summit FedEx also operates its Hub Nacional Mexico which has the processing capacity of over 13,000 packages per hour, and works to ensure an efficient flow of merchandise through customs.

The increase in global online shopping now creates potentially as many customers for small and medium businesses as there are people on the internet at any given time. In a 2014 survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of FedEx, over 60% of respondents in Mexico who purchase online say they spend over $100 annually on online items – helping entrepreneurs everywhere.

“Infrastructure has become the trigger that launches prosperity,” says Torres. “It’s all about connectivity – and what FedEx does is take the best assets of Mexico to the world, and the best of the world to Mexico. “

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