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More Access Equals More Opportunity For Women

May 3, 2012

The Coalition for Adolescent Girls says that when a girl living in poverty reaches age 12, she’s at a crossroads. If she can somehow continue her education and stay healthy, she has a great chance to move out of poverty when she’s grown. But if she can’t, there is little chance of breaking the cycle.

One way to help break that cycle is to broaden women’s access to global opportunity. At FedEx, we’ve seen very clearly that Access — which is what we call the force that makes it easier for people and businesses to connect with each other anywhere in the world — creates opportunity for people. We call it the “Access effect.”

So when FedEx sponsored the International Women’s Forum (IWF) world leadership conference in Washington in October, we sent Jennifer Soong, a journalist who writes frequently about Access and about women’s issues. Jenn gathered a group of eminent women to talk about how they use the Access they’ve earned to empower other women.

In it, she interviews women ranging from high-ranking executives of global corporations to diplomats to fashion icons such as Anna Fendi Venturini.

Charlotte Oades, Global Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment for The Coca-Cola Company, tells Jenn how her company has mounted a huge effort to help empower female entrepreneurs along its many global supply chains.

“It doesn’t make sense to drive growth without empowering women,” Oades says, noting that women reinvest 90 percent of their income in their own families and communities, creating an economic ripple effect. “This ripple effect can recharge the entire world.”



    MayLyn says:

    Thank you so much Tracee Smith for posting this blog! I enjoyed reading it as well as learning a lot from it!

    Ernesto Pena says:

    Kudos to FedEx for realizing that women are the glue that holds a family together and by extension our society. When you lift a woman out of poverty, you lift the whole family too, and this has far reaching consequences up and down the economy!

    Steve Reynolds says:

    Thanks Tracee! I fully support all of FedEx’s humanitarian efforts and am proud of this one too. I’ve always said, sometimes a woman is the best man for the job!


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