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Moving the Chilean Miners’ rescue capsule from Point A to Point B – that’s it! Or is that all that’s really involved?

August 17, 2011

FedEx Express was selected a few months ago by the Chilean Copper Corporation (CODELCO) and the Ministry of Mining for the Republic of Chile as the Official Carrier of the Fénix capsule used to rescue miners trapped in the San Jose mine last year.

We took on the responsibility to move the capsule, all 14 feet and 800 pounds of it to Canada, Germany and Washington, D.C. – where it is getting ready to be displayed at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History beginning Friday in an exhibition titled “Against All Odds”.

Okay, so moving something from Point A to Point B seems pretty simplistic, but it does involve a bit more than that. FedEx had to ensure that we had the right vessel to carry the capsule (which was a crate custom-built by our FedEx Packaging Lab), we had to assemble the right team to ensure that the capsule would be where it needed to be at just the right moment, and this big thing had to fit on our airplanes and trucks with all the other shipments we were carrying. Oh, and since it was crossing international borders, we had to make sure that all the Customs documentation was just right. We did.

FedEx is an expert in all of these areas, so even though we were shipping something as big as the Fénix capsule – it was just kind of like shipping something from Point A to Point B – and we do that every day.

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