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Century Old Air Cargo Story Now on Display

August 25, 2016

Thanks to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, the century old air cargo story is now on display for all to see. But it didn’t happen overnight.

In 2015, the museum approached FedEx Express about constructing an exhibit that explains the air cargo story, its history and the prominent role it now plays in global aviation.

FedEx agreed. Over the next several months, the first aviation exhibit of its kind was produced by the museum with the company’s help.

“Early on, we agreed that the history of air cargo needed to be told due to the great impact this industry has on world commerce and trade,” said Phil Blum, FedEx Express vice president of Fleet Development and Strategic Projects. “The exhibit complements historic commercial aircraft in the museum and presents a major facet of the aviation industry that most airline passengers never get to see.”

A $1.5 million investment by FedEx made the exhibit possible. The hope is it will give the Museum’s 500,000 plus annual visitors, students and teachers a first-hand look at how the air cargo business has evolved and will continue to influence global commerce.

“We’re generating awareness as to how the air cargo business has evolved during the past 100 years, while providing a glimpse into what it takes to run a worldwide logistics company,” Blum said. “By detailing the history of air cargo transportation, we aim to inspire new generations of aviation enthusiasts to potentially get involved in this dynamic and growing industry.”

The exhibit offers an interactive experience housed within a 34-ft. section of a former FedEx 727 transport jet. The exhibit provides a behind-the-scenes look into FedEx operations, sample shipments in discovery boxes and innovative flooring technology used to quickly load and position cargo containers.

The exhibit complements the historic commercial aircraft in the Museum’s Aviation Pavilion and presents a major facet of the aviation industry that most airline passengers never get to see.


    Kellie Roberts says:

    A great way to keep a piece of FedEx history alive! I love the 727! It was the 1st aircraft I ever loaded and launched. Part of me was sad to see it retire.

    Denise luckett says:

    My old century moments was Jump seating on the 747(I think) the biggest airplane that we had to go downstairs and sit or you can choose to seat behind the pilot. I still have that picture. Me and the captain. This is great that now FedEx has made it to the Museum. That is History!!!

    JOSE MULFORD says:

    Great job and a ride to the aviation cargo history thanks FEDEX my pride

    Catherine Whitehouse says:

    I remember when we unloaded our falcon at BDL/Hartford. That was for the whole state of CT and Western MA. We’ve come a long way!

    Norm Staples, Retired says:

    The 727 was the first equipment I I jump-seated on. Many nights were spent in Memphis changing planes into my final destinations in the early 80’s

    TJ Teague says:

    I still have paper weight and balance forms for the Falcons and the 727!!

    Jeff Boltjes says:

    Very good Educational video, I have always been amazed at the way we transport freight, thanks FedEx!

    Angela Moore says:

    Very Cool to see the company has made its mark on aviation history.

    Elba L. Rodriguez says:

    This is awesome! Great to see that we are in the history of aviation! Go FedEx!

    Laura Schafer says:

    So proud to see FedEx as a major part of this exhibit! The 727 was the first plane I ever jumpseated on in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
    Brings back memories of the many nights I spent watching sorts and 727 loading/unloading in hub and ramp operations supporting SuperTracker.

    Johnny Landin says:

    It is so cool to see Fedex involved in the history of Air Cargo. The 727 was the
    trend setter in the early 80’s…and was
    my first jumpseat experience to Las Vegas….As Ramp Agent I was so proud to bring it in to the Ramp in LBB

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