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My Message to Dads: Fathers Rock! Mentors Rock!

June 25, 2014

I’m Terry Allen. By day I’m a Dallas-based FedEx Account Executive in our sales department. To my family, I’m “dad” – coach, mentor and positive role model. If you ask my son, I am the bank, the chauffeur and the nosey guy who meddles in all of his decisions.

I know all too well that for various reasons, not every family has a father figure. Growing up in a single parent household, I saw the challenges my mom had as a widower raising, at the time, seven siblings. What was so amazing is that my mother made sure that there were male role models for my brothers, sisters and myself.  My uncles, grandfathers and older cousins were ever present in our lives. Looking back, I realize my childhood taught me not only how important it is to be a father but it was also living proof that men in the community could provide mentoring and guidance. To me, contributing to the emotional success of the family is just as important as providing a paycheck. 

Today, I mentor fathers to help them understand that they play a critical role in their family’s success.  The Sunday dinner table is a great place to start. For the past 15 years, I’ve spent Father’s Day with an entire community of dads, mentors and community leaders at A Father’s Table.  A Father’s Table is an annual celebration in Dallas that highlights fatherhood, leadership, mentoring and community. This year, over 750 folks attended to enjoy dishes prepared by 38 volunteer chefs locally and from around the country – including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Antonio and New Orleans.

Through my volunteer work mentoring men and helping families flourish, I’ve found that men who take time to succeed in the kitchen and dinner table also succeed as fathers, husbands, businessmen and community leaders.

My message to dads: Fathers Rock!

To all you dads and mentors out there: I hope you will take this message as a challenge. Tonight, prepare a meal for your family. Then, sit down and enjoy it with them.  You’ll be glad you did it.

To everyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex – I hope to meet you and your family next Father’s Day at the Father’s Table event.


    KERRY P. JOHNSON says:

    Terry, I was invited by Michael Karpyszyn (A Single Father and FedEx Teammate) to attend the Father’s Table event this year. I have to say that I was so impressed by all the love, the care, the joy and the godly spirit that hovered over everyone in attendance. Father’s were definitely honored that day and I was so glad I attended this truly wonderful event. I stand in total agreement with you as Fathers Rock! Mentors Rock! Sincerely, KJ

    Deborah Jones says:

    As the daughter of a strong and supportive father I understand how key the role is in a child’s life. Its not enough, but thanks Terry for all the lives you touch and all the children that benefit.

    Andrea says:

    Terry, I have known you for over 40 plus years. We are family, we have shared many many hours together laughing, eating, crying, talking etc. I know if I need you you will be there for me and family members. You rock, I appreciate you and I enjoy volunteering every year at this wonderful event. Looking forward to A Fathers Table 2015!!
    Love you mucho!
    Your sister-in-law

    Andrea Freeman

    cheryl says:

    Terry Allen, you are remarkable! A Father’s Table is a wonderful event and it is great to see all the men who step up and cook some outstanding dishes. Keep on doing what you’re doing and I will see you next year!

    Patrese Allen says:

    The June 2014 “A Father’s Table” was my first year to volunteer. I enjoyed every bit of it and look forward to helping out next year.

    Thanks Terry for having!


    Patrese (Arlington, Tx)

    Bonnie Fehr says:

    Hi Terry, enjoyed reading your blog about Father’s. The good male role models and the experiences of your childhood all helped you grow into the Father you are today. Father’s now more than ever need all the help they can get, especially the ones who don’t have any good male role models to look up to and the mentoring program is awesome. If we all thought about each other more than ourselves what a different place the world would be. Sometimes someone just needs a little guidance to get them on the right track. Keep up the good work!

    Kedrick Hogans Sr. says:

    Your the man, Terry Allen keep blessing the world with your gifts.

    Tommicus Walker says:

    Great article Mr. Allen!! This a true testament to Fathers. Thanks for your continued work in your community and around the US.

    Danielle Williams says:

    Terry, this is a great article, and I am so glad that fathers get the opportunity to be honored and mentored about fatherhood and food at this great event.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Roger Clark says:

    Terry, nice to put a face with a voice, someday I’ll do the same. Strong men lead others to be better people. Stay strong! God Bless!

    Mandie Schall says:

    Great blog Terry. I lost my father at a young age too and had to watch my mother struggle. Thank goodness for stepdads! 🙂 It’s so important to have a strong male figure when you’re a child. Keep on rockin!

    Rosemary Jamison says:

    Terry that is AWESOME! I really enjoyed your article….so among other things you are also a community activist! This is a wonderful and much needed thing you are doing so keep up the good work!

    Kendrick says:

    Terry Allen thank you for all you do.

    LISA WILSON says:

    HI Terry Allen, keep up the good work your and you are a blessing to your son.

    Rob Moffett says:

    FedEx can be very proud of the service you provide back to the community in addition to the fantastic service you provide to me for my shipping needs.

    Thank You for all of the help you have provided past, present and also I am sure into the future.

    Maria Roberts says:

    Well done, Terry Allen!

    My favorite line: “To me, contributing to the emotional success of the family is just as important as providing a paycheck.”

    What many people need to realize is that providing and contributing to the emotional success of the family IS the paycheck. That paycheck is an investment that pays dividends throughout generations.

    A Father’s Table is necessary in every community. Not only does it celebrate dads overall, it allows fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles and mentors, to celebrate themselves with fellow fathers.

    Kudos, Terry. A Father’s Table is only the beginning.

    Manny Otiko says:

    Great work brother. Keep it up. We need more positive role models.

    Manuel Pruitt says:

    i had the privilege to share in this event this year and I can’t wait to participate again! It was such a blessing to see the support of parents especially fathers! This is an awesome event and I pray it grows every year!

    CaSandra Hall says:

    Mr. Allen, this indeed was such an inspirational story of giving back. It is always good to see MEN uplifting MEN, MEN encouraging MEN and above all MEN being positive role models for other MEN. Great Job!! I hope you are Blessed to continue this mission of hope for all MEN who may not feel like they are doing their best but they can assured that all they do and you do is greatly appreciated.

    Pattie Longan says:

    Terry, what an inspirational message! Thank you for encouraging men to be there as an example for one another and for young men and women! “As iron sharpens iron…”
    God bless you, my friend!

    Teanne McKinney says:

    I knew the first time you called our office as our FedEx rep you were special! The above article just confirms my thoughts. Thank you for helping. Our world needs more men like you. Awesome job!!!!

    Tina LeGrand says:

    I can barely type through the tears. What a wonderful person you are ! Your family is very lucky.

    Princeton Stephenson says:

    True leadership is in fact found in action, not position. Simply put…. BZ Terry

    Mike Schmelzer says:

    Great message Terry!

    Being a father is a big job and a very important one too! Thanks for the encouragement and all you do as a positive role model in your every day activities!

    Keep up the great work and awesome Hot Sauce! 🙂

    Shaniqua epps says:

    Great post! The message could not have been said better. 🙂

    Kimberly Mason says:

    Terry, First I would like to say Thank-You for all you do! This is a cause that runs deep in my veins. I am fortunate to say I was raised by a very strong father and was fortunate to have been the wife of a very strong man and FedEx family member (passed away last June). My husband started a little league football team and a scholarship fund and was very involved in the Memphis community. It warms my heart deeply too see men and fathers give back. Continue to plant these seeds and watch them grow.

    Carol Herron says:


    After reading your blog; I must say it is such an inspiration to learn that there are still people like you who take time out of their busy schedule to help and mentor others. God bless you!

    Janas Jackson says:

    Terry: Thank you for your words of inspiration and commitment to building strong families and communities. I hope more fathers will read your blog and embrace the power of those words.

    Nan Morgan says:

    Terry: Excellent article and full of inspiration. Our Fathers need to know that they are needed, vital and they certainly do rock!

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