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Mystic River: How to Heal a Waterway

August 8, 2016

Invasive water chestnut plants are causing significant damage to rivers throughout the northeastern United States.

The non-native aquatic plants negatively impact river life by depleting oxygen levels, choking out other plants, and forming dense mats which block sunlight.

The Mystic River Watershed Association protects and restores the Mystic River in Massachusetts, and recently welcomed a group of FedEx Cares volunteers in Boston to work from canoes and kayaks.


    Angela Moore says:

    Its wonderful to see a group of FedEx employees coming together to help a community regulate the waterways from invasive plant life. It makes me feel proud to see our company participating in such a wonderful cause.

    norma cachola says:

    awesome, awesome job…kudos to all.

    Mak Decordova says:

    Great work

    Jack Glowen says:

    What a great project! I wish I could have been there to help. Having lived in Connecticut for my high school years and first two years of college I remember the river. It is sad to see it today but it is comforting to know it has a bright future thanks to people such as yourselves! Well done!

    Jack Glowen says:

    I just realized the Mystic River in Massachusetts is different from the one in Connecticut. Still a great project and well done!


    Awesome to see a group come together and make a viable impact on the river and to the wildlife making a difference.

    Jad Musallam says:

    Excellent video! FedEx Cares does so many wonderful things to help out the community, and happy to see how it helps the environment as well! For this year’s FedEx Cares in Orlando, I hope we get an opportunity to help the environment as well!


    Jen DiManno says:

    Many thanks to Steve and his team of FedEx do-gooders! As a Boston resident, I appreciate your efforts!! Bostonians don’t really “Love that Dirty Water!” (remember the song from the 60’s?) THANKS ALL!!

    Demetrius Boyland says:

    Very,very,very nice! Were chestnut plants used for compost once removed from river? I hope plastic baskets were used from current supply or donated from volunteers. Not bought which would create new waste.

    Pattie D Roles says:

    Great job! Keep rivers, lakes, creeks, and beach clean. I am proud of FedEx volunteers. I’m plan to help friends clean up Clackamas River next two weeks.

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