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National Truck Driving Championships 2011

July 18, 2011

What are you going to do now that you’ve finished 1st in your state truck driving championship?  “I’m going to Disneyland!” 

That famous phrase is what 115 of our skilled FedEx drivers are screaming out now that each one of them has captured their state’s championship title.  This title qualifies them to compete in the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC).

A driver must be accident-free for one year and hold all licensure for their class of truck to be eligible for competition.  Drivers are tested in three areas:  current rules and regulations, a pre-trip inspection and driving skills course.  They must also compete against other drivers in their state and win 1st place to move on to the NTDC.

In July, our champions voluntarily participate in a local competition called the Chairman’s Challenge Competition and Celebration, or better known as the 4C.  It’s here they meet the rest of the national team, compete against other drivers in their class and prepare for the NTDC. 

The NTDC will be held in Orlando, FL, August 9 – 13, and we know our FedEx National Team will make us all proud.    

This video gives you a glimpse of what our champions do to prepare for the NTDC and become safer drivers on the roads they travel every day.


    Aryn Pittaway says:

    Excellent job on the video! Everyone needs to know how much fun and knowledge can be had and learned at Indy-The 4C. Events like this, that inspire us to be more professional and safer on the road really molds a bigger picture. This intense training and team bonding of FedEx Champions is only a small part of all the benefits that FedEx has to offer its drivers. I urge all drivers to push themselves to be the best that they can be on the road (safe and skillful) and to take the plunge and compete in your Regional and/or State Truck Driving Championship. This is one of those things, that once you start doing, you just can’t stop. Safety benefits us all and puts money in our pockets. We are all good drivers, so go show off your skills and knowledge and have fun with it. Sincerely,
    Aryn Pittaway 2010-2011 Texas State Step Van Champion

    Patrick A Corrente says:

    Great learning experience for the NTDC! The ‘Great learning experience’ was dwarfed by the wonderful mentoring, the selfless hard work of all volunteers & all who made this possible. This includes all the unsung heroes behind the scenes or those not in the limelight. From the water-bearers, to those on the course, to all the coordinators, to those photographers, & to all those we don’t even know about. They all gave so we drivers could shine & bask in the glory as champions! Hail to all the bright stars who shown in the background, in a lesser light, so we could have our moment in glory!

    Traci, all at FedEx will continue to be benefited, knowingly or not, through your new position; yet, you will sorely be missed at this venue! Patrick A. Corrente – 2011 Oklahoma Step Van Champion.

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